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    Default Titanomachina: Nearing Kickstarter!

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    I've been working on a game these past few years and I think it's ready to be unleashed on the world! I'm calling it Titanomachina, as it's giant robot action in the bright new dawn of the far future!

    From the description on the Board Game Geek page:

    "Titanomachina is war waged between god-machines in the bright new dawn of the far future! Players bring customized Titans, Crews, and Terrain to battle their opponents for local supremacy, smashing their opponents and protecting their own. Position and timing are crucial, as weapons charge, and buildings are discovered, and the cease-fire deadline inches closer.

    "Prior to the game players build their Titans using decks of cards and tokens on a system diagram. These cards and tokens represent systems and crew, indicating where those systems and crew are located on the Titan, and how they link together. Players can order their decks so that they can draw a specific sequence of cards.

    "During the game each player takes a turn to play a sequence of actions, based on activating systems and crew, from a hand of five cards. Other players, according to an order depending on an Initiative score they buy along with their Titan, Crew, and Terrain, can play cards as reactions to these actions. Once all actions and reactions are played, players resolve actions first, then reactions in initiative order. Actions include moving, attacking, generating shields, placing terrain (detected by sensor systems), and repairing the Titan. Reactions include turning, wildly attacking, rotating shields, tactically re-evaluating the situation (increasing initiative), and bracing for impact. Players can also discard cards without activating or reacting them, but each discard brings the deadline token closer to the end of the game.

    "Once all systems have been activated, and actions and reactions are resolved, then cards are required to charge a number of turns before being put back in the deck. So a player's deck will be sorted according to the order of the cards, and then by their charge scores as the game progresses. Players need to manage all the parts of their titanic machines to turn them into smoothly running engines of destruction. When the deadline token hits 18 on the turn track, the player that scored the most points, both destroying enemy buildings and systems and preserving their own, wins."

    Here's the complete layout of the demo-prototype I've had made. I'm just waiting for the game-play video to be complete, and the final quotes from the manufacturer:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's the game-play video:

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