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    Default 1850 CSM friendly tourney list

    So the boys and I have geekends of beer, pizza and 40k; that being said, we tend to use aggressively competitive lists. Meta is mostly elite Marine based armies, with one Guard player and an Ork newbie.

    After several playtests that affirmed that simply dislocating my 7th ed lists into 8th does not work (assault now being a grievous second to shooting), I've drawn up the following battalion list (or whichever gives 9CP):

    Legion: Alpha

    HQ: Demon Prince with Wings, MoS, Intoxicating Elixir, Warp Bolter, +1 attack warlord thing (plus Alpharius) - utter beast in combat
    HQ: Lord, no extra costs
    HQ: Lord, no extra costs

    Troops: 2 x 10 cultists with autoguns
    Troops: 4x 5 CSM with boltguns

    Elites: 3 x Helbrutes with fists and ML

    Fast Attack: 3 x 3 bikers with plasma and combiplasma

    Heavy support: 3 x 5 Havocs with 3 lascanons

    And that's it. It's designed to be simple (everything armed with same options so I don't forget who has what (every single model was converted for the last edition, so I'm f**k going WYSIWYG), bring decent range to make the most of the whole -1 to hit thing. By the time I get close enough that that's a problem, I should be able to combine the efforts of the bikes and brutes to assault key targets with their speed, the Prince is either backing them up for the rerolls or on a rampage elsewhere, and the token gesture Lords are making the Havocs reroll halfl their misses.


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    Don't know what your points limit is but this seems really light on stuff. I can't reconcile this list with the magic sauce of the chaos codex (limited though it may be) such as stratagems with bringing back full strength cultists etc.

    As you aren't seeming to go down the CP/stratagem route, perhaps you should change formation to a battalion (9 CP is a brigade) so you can chop some of the stuff which seems to be space fillers. The differing speeds of the brutes and bikes means they won't hit at the same time and I'd be worried you'd hit piecemeal. The plasma only really gets good in 12" so you lose the Alpha advantage.

    I would personally be trying to go for cheaper elites and less bikes if I was going to keep a brigade - but actually don't really rate hellbrutes and think you would be better off with bigger troops units, less HQ and getting a sorceror in.

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    So, I made some changes.

    One Lord now has a jump pack and power weapon, upped one unit of cultists to 20, and made the brutes weapon platforms with twin heavy bolter and missile launchers. Plus MoS on everyone. Now I've still got my Brigade, but it leans more towards using stratagem (recycle cultists, brute shoots twice, and an infantry/bike unit can shoot twice).

    List was built with a heavy flyer threat in mind (one of the boys runs dual stormwolf), but with ability to handle horde Guard and triple flyrants.

    I know everyone raves about cultists, but I really don't like them. I've only gone with Alpha Legion as it seems like the best trait overall. I've got my own Malal themed army, so i was hoping to avoid stealing flavoured stuff. But my first few play tests with a Renegades list sucked (assault seems **** in this editon).

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