Well, I'm a newb, with 2.1 games of Armada under my belt Got beat as the Rebels both full games, but at least came close close in both of them! In the second, against the infamous Brobafett, I decided not to double-arc his ISD (Imperial-class SD) with my Assault Frigate. My front arc salvo had him done to one hull point and no shield, and I was going to ram him at the end of my move! Buh-bye, Mr. Super-Costly ISD! I decided to use my side arc to finish off Gozanti flotilla that had been irritating me and also had just a single hull point left. The Gozantis blew up, I moved, and ... I was a hair short of the ISD. And he was first player. Oops.

Live and (hopefully!) learn!