A couple weekends ago one of my FLGS, Mayhem Comics, had their second 8th Ed 40k tournament. Similar to their first tournament, it was meant to be more casual than competitive so it was set at 100 power level, a max of three detachments, two hour rounds, and no painting requirements. No other limitations were set which concerned me because I figured this openness would lead to some abuse, but since I enjoyed the last one I figured I’d give it a go.

Without a painting requirement my army choices opened up. Right now my only completely painted army is my Chaos Space Marine Word Bearers. Originally built for Horus Heresy they are missing many of the items I want so I don’t feel they are that great in 8th Ed yet. My next option is my Genestealer Cult I just acquired a couple months ago, but since I have only played a couple games with them I passed. This left me with the army I have been piddling with since 2nd Ed – ORKS!