I canít offer you the same tactical advice as another Midwest Wargaming Blog contributor whoís got some actual experience to bring to the table. All I can really give you is the numbers and what I see from them. As far as numbers go, this sheet is going to be unique because of the way Blacksmiths are constructed. There are more statistics for starters, because I feel the story isnít told by a simple Guild Wide analysis. I havenít left that out, mind you, but Iíve also added the same charts for both Masters, and Apprentices because while thereís 10 KDs in the playbooks, 7 of them are on the Masters. There is 36 Damage options in the Guild playbooks, but only one master has any Momentous damage, and the Apprentices have 11. Also, all guilds have 12-14 players, but two of them are mascots so donít factor into the intial Statline averages because theyíre universally outliers. The Blacksmiths do not have this problem. So letís look.