Hi folks,

i've been a great fan of the warhammer fantasy fluff for a long time, although i never got into the TT-gaming, instead prefering the pc game adaptions, although i read most of the codexi since 5th edition and also the new battle tomes.

Soooo, what i dont get is the deal with Archaon:

In Rob Sanders Novels Everchosen and Lord of Chaos he ( Archaon) the protanogist frequently states his hate for the chaos gods, how he not only wants to end Mallus (the planet) but also the chaos powers by eradicating all mortal life.

Problem is:

#1 : The Novel itself calls the aethyr oblivion, describes daemons ( Be'lakor i.e.) as smeared, not realized, over different existences

#2 : don't the chaos gods care about Archaons intentions or does he just widely overestimate his reach?

#3 : At the final of the end times he plunges the world into the nothingness of the Aethyr/Warp - even if some souls survived it, shouldn't have chaos shriveled to basicly impotence if Archaons reasoning of starving them to death was sound?

#4 : what are his goals in the Age of Sigmar? Still reduce everything to zero? Still kill the chaos gods? does he even have allegiance to them?

Ofcourse I could just blame this on GW's laziness to make it consistent, but since i get a fit when faced with such inconsistencies here's my theory:

CHAOS can never be rly erradicated. As a timeless realm of nothing and possibility causality of reality doesn't rly affect its non-existance: its already oblivion.

ARCHAON is the the incarnate of oblivion ending existence and chasing its possibility. Slannesh in 40k was also always despite being "born" in M30

The thoughts and souls of mortals affect the Aethyr: just like mice experiment with humans

Are there any novels besides the battle tomes shedding some light on Archaon in Age of Sigmar besides the battletomes?

Whats ur take?