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    Default [FUNDED] Punkapocalyptic new faction Kickstarter: The V Reich

    As it happened with Junkers and Black Blood Children, our next faction will be released through collective funding in the Kickstarter platform. Those who follow us in Facebook or other social networks already know it will be the V Reich, a new highly-militarized, Mutard-hating human faction (yes, it wasn't our first option, but popular demand wants what popular demand wants).

    In its faction PDF file (which has gone through a beta-testing phase and even has its own version for playing long-term campaigns) you will find their rules and summarized background, as well as being able to create your own band to go around busting faces across the Wasteland as good, healthy, genetically superior human beings. But if you want the official miniatures to be cooler than anyone else, next day 30th of October in the evening we will open the crowdfunding campaign to be able to afford designing, printing and producing the first Reich miniatures.

    If you want to get a taste of what this faction will look like, although there is still some hidden surprises to be revealed, here you are the first sketches drawn by Marco Paraja, as well as the first 3D design made by GT Estudio and an awesome illustration created by Israel Pato.

    If you want to keep informed, follow this thread and our [URL=""]webpage[/URL], or like us in [URL=""]Facebook[/URL] or [URL=""]Twitter[/URL].

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    More miniatures unveiled for our upcoming KS campaign, starting on the 30th of October:

    Marshal for the faction.

    And alternative "Red Helmet" head, exclusive for this crowdfunding.

    That would complete the basic pack of 6 miniatures to be funded. On the next days we will be uncovering the add-ons, with more miniatures to be unlocked (some for free, others as optional purchases).

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    More 3D renders before the campaign begins!

    One of the Soldats will have detachable arms, with a total of four, so you can have more assembly options for him. One of those arms will include the Mastiff, and the shotgun-dog combination is a really nasty one!

    These renders are not yet final, but subject to minor changes (equipment wearing, tearing and so on). Anyway the final miniature will look pretty much like this.

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    The Kickstarter will go live tomorrow evening, so it's a good time to show you the first two stretch goals for the campaign:

    Ilse, She-wolf of the V Reich (based on the classic 1975 B-series cult movie "Ilsa, She-wolf of the SS"), will be a free addition to all pledges with access to unlocked extras.

    Captain Hammerica, nemesis of the V Reich marshals, will be an optional add-on you will be able to add to any pledge as an individual miniature. He will be a Merc special character with his own stats.

    Remember, tomorrow October 30 at 18:00 Spanish Time (CET +1)!

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    WE ARE LIVE! Support the new faction for Punkapocalyptic, the pimp and lethal post-apocalyptic skirmish game!


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    Funded in 24 hours, now we get to unlock new miniatures through the stretch goals! The first one, Ilse, is just 400 euros away right now and it goes FREE to all pledges with access to unlocked extras.


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