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    Default Magnetic Travel-Hulk

    I’ve been spending far too much time making this epic-scale space hulk recently - finally finished as far as I can be bothered to go. None of it is perfect (the box was a bit of an after-thought made of bits of wood & board that I had kicking about), but it should hopefully do the job!
    All the bits (board sections, minis, tokens, doors, box lids..) are magnetic and so stay in place, so you can leave it set up, take it to a beer garden in the summer, pack up mid game to finish later etc.
    I even found a use for the useless ‘Space Hulk’ bit of card that you get in the original boxed game
    It is a present for a mate who had his copy thrown away by some evil daemon, so I will leave him the minis to paint.

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    Painted minis now too as I'm not seeing my friend until November (didn't trust myself to attempt blood angel symbols on shoulder pads)

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