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    Default Emphasizing Age of Sigmar

    We should try to give Age of Sigmar a more prominent place on the Warhammer Fantasy Wikis.

    We have made a good start of this on the English site, but the goal is eventually have the wiki let users fully explore the new Age of Sigmar setting.

    Things like all the sub-factions, units names and backgrounds, as well as keeping the lore up to date will be key.

    I will be updating the portalpage art to include both Age of Sigmar and WFB imagery.

    Any and all thoughts from admins on how to move in this direction are welcome.
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    Well to be honest the best solution would be to move all age of sigmar stuff into it's own lexi, since the settings are really different. I think I could do it by myself for the english lexi, since I took special care to keep information separate. While it would solve a lot of problems, I understand how it might be too late for that.

    I've recently made a list of all the factions(minor nitpick, sub-factions are factions to me.) here, because I like templates through at some point in the future it could use an improvement:[URL=""][/URL]

    And I made this [URL=""]list[/URL] that is a list of sub-lists(for easier loading and editing) of every unit in Age of Sigmar. It's complete and up to date, with three more lists linked on the bottom for scenery, legacy and forgeworld.

    The big list of units and respective sub-lists are easy to update and when that's done it will automatically update both the big list and the small list of units on their [URL=""]respective faction.[/URL]

    I don't have the Grand Alliance books and the most of these factions are found in there. Atia has most of the lore blurbs photos on her website and it could be used to write such background. [URL=""]Example.[/URL] I've mostly been using the [URL=""]Official Faction Guide [/URL](Gone through death and most of Chaos. Order and Destruction undone).

    The really big problem is convincing people to subscribe and stay like [URL=""]this one.[/URL]

    EDIT: I forgot to say but I made a link to every sub-list on the [URL=""]talk page[/URL].
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