Hello to all.

I don't know how many of you will recognise my username (and/or avatar) from Disqus. Currently I am blocked from posting, for the last week, and I don't understand why. I have sent the message below to various BoLS contacts and have no response. I am extending a request for help of how to proceed. If you do recognise my username (and/or avatar) then please comment on how you view my interactions. I know I can be stubborn in my opinion and occasionally unsubtle in my critic. However I don't feel I am any more different from any other users. As I mention below if I have breached some rule*, then it would have been unintentional and I apologies for that. If you know how to help or to petition then let me (and them) know. I enjoy the BoLS community and want to continue to contribute to discussions.

Many thanks in advance

*I also hope this posting is not seen as overstepping the mark and gets shut down, as that is not my intension


I am user of Bell of Lost Souls under the user name Horus84cmd. I am contacting you to understand why I have been blocked and whether my profile will be unblocked to post on your site. I enjoy engaging with other users on your site and debating wargaming issues. I have attempted to contact via email, twitter, help on the lounge and the lounge itself; but I have yet to gain a response.

I know you reserve the right to block users, however I do not see what I have done to deserved to be blocked. If I infringed on a rule it would have been unintentional, and I apologies for that. I am not overtly rude; whilst I will criticise, when I have an a opinion, I do make the effort to remain measured in my postings. I don't feel I have made comments or expressed opinions that are vastly differently or in a different tone to those made by many other users. At this moment in time I feel as I am being unfairly penalised for nothing. It is very disappointing to be singled out in such away.

I simply wish to understand, extend a sincere apology (if I have caused offence) and continue to enjoy your site to the full.

Yours Sincerely,