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    Default Advanced Space Crusade Rules Tinkering

    Hi to anyone who is interested. I have been working on the rules for Advanced Space Crusade - please have a look via the following links:



    The first is the updated book and the second what changes I've made.

    There were a few things that I wanted to fix but mainly the following:
    I felt that the game was unfairly biased in favor of the Marines
    Several of the Tyranid troop types were not really viable
    The campaign game tended to fissile out rather than build up to a climax at the end.
    The rules were a bit overwhelmed by background, which i didn't want to loose just put elsewhere

    I think the changes should make it a lot more exciting a game. Please let me know what you think and if any of you have done anything similar.

    P.S. the rulebook itself invites you to play with the rules so I hope no-one will mind that I have!!

    - I see that I've not updated a few of the contents page references. These should be ...28, 31, 34, 36, 37, 40, 46, 47, 50, 51, 57, 60. I'm enjoying playing with these rules. I will update at some point; I was thinking of adding a 'Norn Queen' encounter to the space next to the ambush rules... perhaps some kind of Alien(s) queen/egg room thing.

    Certainly makes it more challenging for the marines - a narrow Imperial points-victory last night, with all Marines wiped out just after destroying the final objective needed. My Commander was heroically taken down in the act of killing the respiratory-vent, by the subsequent explosion of noxious fluids (D12 roll of 12 and no fate points left!). Scout and bolter marine remaining were then chased down by a mob of Gretchins. Loved it!
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    Edited the book a bit to correct - hellfire shell rules in various places, hero rules in the army list, and avaiable forces for tyranids on objectives pg. I'm quite happy with how the rules are working - anyone else had a go or got any comments?

    I've been considering the 'Norn Queen' encounter and do plan on adding that too - I have bought some alien egg models!

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    Updated to include that prone models do not block LOS unless unmaneuverable.

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    Updated to add Norn Queen encounter.

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    P.s. been playing these rules quite a bit over the last year and I'm pretty happy with them. Any feedback from others would be opponents have enjoyed them.

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