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    Default GW attending Adepticon in force, and making the most of the resulting Seminars.

    How do?

    [url=]GW have confirmed that they're doing Adepticon...[/url]. But rather than joining in Hawker's Corner with their wares, they continue to surprise with some actual Seminars! I know! It's kind of like the olden days are back!

    And that means GW appear to be doing more seminars at more events - including one on rules writing at Adepticon.

    Ok. If you've finished having a giggle at that concept (and not an unfair one), I'd like to share with you my experience of Seminars.

    First of all, you get the opening chit-chat and that, before they get down to the nitty-gritty of the subject at hand.

    Here, it's vitally important you keep the noise down. There's little more irritating than missing something that sounded interest because the small group behind you was making what I'm sure they felt were 'witty' comments to one another. At that stage, you're there to listen.

    But once that bit is done? Its Question and Answer time! Yay! Wooo! This is the besterest bit. But also.....the worsterest bit. Why that duality? Really good questions - ones that are relevant to the subject and those giving the answers can shed light on upcoming stuff. Well poised questions can get really cool or interesting information, occasionally more than they intended to give.

    What's wrong with that? Absolutely bugger all, that's what. Open questions rule.

    But sadly, there's always those that ruin it. The Q&A has limited time. That means limited questions. But there's always those desperately trying to score cheap points by asking closed, rhetorical, hyperbolic questions - ones that make it clear the questioner has no actual interest in the answer, they were just having a dig.

    To be fair, some of those questions may not have been intended in that way - they've just been asked awkwardly, with no malice aforethought. Be that as it may, they're still wasting finite, valuable time.

    But that doesn't mean anyone should shy away from difficult or awkward topics for the panel. A seminar with just soft, gushing, praiseful questions is also largely a waste of time. The trick is to ask questions that invite an answer.

    So I'd like to give you some food for thought. I'm not looking to put words in your mouth, but I am hoping to give you something to think about, regardless of the question you might hope to ask. This is by no means definitive or authorative, nor is it intended to be - it's just tips and observations based on my experience of seminars.

    1. THERE IS NO POINT BRINGING UP PRICES. You're talking to the writers, games designers and sculptors. They have no input into the pricing structure. That means they can't answer that question. And it's all been asked before. So please, literally save your breath.

    2. Think constructive criticism. Yes, the points are all over the shop. Yes, GW could and should do better. But think about your wording of the question. Asking 'why cant you get the points right' isn't terribly constructive. And it may get their backs up. Insightful answers require insightful questions. Take your time. Think of how you'd like your question answered first, then think how to illicit that information. So here, a better question might be 'are there plans to offer points changes and updates for 40k, as you're doing with the Age of Sigmar General's Handbook updates?'. It's specific. It addresses that some points are way out. It suggests a way they could do it that's already been welcomed by a portion of the community. It invites a response. You could even add 'and will, like the General's Handbook, that be achieved via community feedback' - that's showing a willingness (however reluctant it might be) to get involved.

    3. Listen to the questions as well as the reply. Sadly, theres a fair chance that someone will essentially just rephrase a question already asked. Again, that just wastes time. If the panel was evasive or reticent to answer, chances are they can't or won't talk about it. Disappointing sure, but it is what it is.

    4. If you're thinking of a question beforehand, ask yourself 'is it actually interesting?' Of course, the answer to that is up to you! But do consider the phrasing. If in a design studio seminar, a 'dull' question might be 'when are you do Squats?' - but 'if you were to do a Squat model, what would it be?' is a better question - ultimately neither are going to get a 'next November' type answer, but the latter opens the subject up, and requires an insightful response.

    And finally? A general Nerd Gathering Tip. Before you go, have a shower, wash your hair, fresh undies and socks, clean clothes. Ain't nobody enjoy being sat next to a Nurgle Worshipper.
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    Question 1.......

    "Why wont Grandpa Smurf DIEEEE"
    Potential war gameing Jawa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by White Tiger88 View Post
    Question 1.......

    "Why wont Grandpa Smurf DIEEEE"


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post

    And finally? A general Nerd Gathering Tip. Before you go, have a shower, wash your hair, fresh undies and socks, clean clothes. Ain't nobody enjoy being sat next to a Nurgle Worshipper.
    Totally put me in mind of this:
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