I'm putting together a Kult of Speed list for an upcoming tournament.

Its 1500 points, 6 games.

Scenarios vary greatly and are anything from capturing objectives, to holding ground, to killing your opponent and every variation in between. A flexible army list is a must.

Anything Forgeworld without structure points is allowed at the tournament.

I've kept my list highly mobile with as many units as possible to help capture objectives and overload my opponent with targets.

*There's more option than what's listed here 'm just paraphrasing

Warboss w/power klaw
Big Mek w/ force field + burna

Tank bustas

10 Boyz w/ rokkit, nob and trukk
10 boyz w/ big shoota and trukk
10 boys w/ rokkit and trukk
5 Meganobs w/ trukk

Fast Attack
3 Deffkoptas with bombs
2 skorcha trakks

Heavy Support
Looted wagon (tankbustas)