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    Cool Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix

    I have looked in the generals handbook and noticed that there is no points cost for an Anointed on a either a Frostheart Phoenix or a Flamespyre Phoenix yet the rules for taking an Anointed on either are included in the rules for them. It seems weird because an Anointed has the same rules and stats whether he is mounted on a phoenix or fights on foot.

    Does this mean we essentially get a free character when we take a phoenix or is GW going to amend this issue at some point?


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    It is free, presumably it is costed assuming it is ridden, however it uses a leader and behemoth choice rather than just a behemoth if ridden

    There are similar things such as a steggadon can take a skunk alpha, why wouldn't you it costs nothing and dosent replace anything, I assume everything is costed at the optimum build and you can choose not to use it, like taking an under strength unit

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    Well it seemed that there was no clarification on the issue but now that you put it that way, it makes sense...

    ... Cheers.


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