Minnesota wargamer Alex Vien/TheGreatSerpent has written up yet another awesome battle report with his favorite Outcast, Parker Barrows. This time, it is vs a familiar foe, Jack Daw of the Outcasts.

Alex is preparing for the Renegade Open and has been experimenting with the idea of having an 'All-Comers' Parker Barrows list that he can drop into any matchup. In this battle report he continues to test out that experiment and gives a turn by turn re-telling of his game. If you enjoy his batrep or have thoughts, leave a comment for him.


Here's the lists:

50 soulstone Outcasts Crew:

Parker Barrows + 6 SS Cache
-Stick Up
-Hail of Bullets
Doc Mitchell
Freikorps Trapper
Mad Dog Brackett
-Crate of Dynamite
-Lucky Poncho


David’s crew:

50 soulstone Outcasts Crew

Jack Daw + 4 SS cache
-3 facedown curses
-Twist and Turn
Convict Gunslinger
Lady Ligeia
The Guilty
The Guilty
The Guilty
The Hanged
-Brick by Brick
-Fearful Whispers