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    Default Resin Terrain (Church)

    Here it is folks, the Church is now complete with great photos to show you all the detail and functional features. The Church itself is constructed entirely of resin and has been been poured in vaccuumed molds, and then we used pressurized resin to ensure we got a smooth cast. There is a lot of things we can say about it but lets just let the photos speak for themeselves.

    Just some notes: there is an interior removable floor with some additional details (pews). The Church inself has 3 removable roofs, 3 interior rooms, and two level to the tower plus the ground floor. Rooms hold: 4 medium and 1 small on the large side of the church and 3 mediums on the small end. the cube tower will hold 1 medium and 1 small base each.

    Shawn Morris

    Shawn Morris

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    it looks good, i like it! i wish you had some infantry stands with this one like you do with the barn.

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