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    Default Deathwatch vs Genestealer Cult Boxed Game

    Original rumors via 75hastings69 2-17-2015

    Not MaybeDeathwatch
    Genestealer Cult
    via 75hastings69 5-1-2015

    Anyone here remember the little guessing game we had about releases?Most of it can be found here…….So you’ll see in there the assassins game (correct)
    HH Game (I guess time will tell )
    … and amongst the other stuff….

    G/S Cult Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
    Deathwatch Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)

    ….. well, I may have gotten myself a bit confused about what these actually were, it seems we “may” be seeing these two as a combined set in some fashion, whether that’s as another standalone game or as a “starter/campaign” set is yet unclear, although I’m going to assume that these would be unusual choices for a starter box.

    via BoLS anonymous source 11-15-2016

    • Look for the Deathwatch to arrive in the Grimdark in 2016.
    • They will make their initial appearance in a boxed boardgame like Execution Force / Betrayal at Calth.
    • The Deathwatch models are based around a new Deathwatch upgrade sprue.
    • The sprue will contain items such the distinctive shoulderpads, and specialist equipment and weapons of the Deathwatch.
    • The Deathwatch sprue will be bundled atop the Sternguard base kit in the boardgame.
    • The game will allow for you to equip your Killteam’s weapons and equipment in a variety of ways with rules to support them all.
    • As with Betrayal at Calth – these are standard 40K models fully usable outside the boardgame.
    • There will be an opposing force the Deathwatch is pitted against with their own models in the box.
    via [URL=""]sadpanda [/URL]2-5-2016
    You don't have to wait till May for that one.
    (regarding Deathwatch vs Genestealer Cult game)


    Deathwatch miniatures in the boxed game are all mono-pose characters (think Space Hulk, except with normal bases). Sternguard rumors are nonsense. One is possibly the first dedicated Blood Ravens mini by GW (feel free to correct me there. My GW-history-fu is weak)?

    Lots of cultists, a few pure genestealers, another new broodlord.

    Multi-part kits later this year.

    via White Dwarf 108 2-15-2016

    Click image for larger version. 

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    via dakka's [URL=""]Kanluwen [/URL]2-15-2016
    Preorders on the 27th.

    via [URL=""]sadpanda[/URL] 2-16-2016

    This is main studio. It is in hard plastic and the miniatures can be used in 40K without conversions.

    People underestimate the lead time on those boxed games / starter sets in plastic.

    The Dea****ch game was finished by the time EF was released.
    The AoS-themed boxed game you'll see this summer was finished by the time the AoS starter was released.
    The second HH boxed game this fall was finished by the time Calth was released.

    The specialist games studio was launched a little more than a month ago. The teased Blood Bowl stuff was probably the first work this team did after starting their new jobs in January. It will likely be among the first things they will release, and I don't think they are aiming for 2016.

    via captain citadel 2-17-2016

    A mate of mine passed along that GW has blacked out the following dates for their store employees: Feb 28, Apr 16, and May 7th. I assume that means big releases on those dates.
    via [URL=""]BoLS[/URL] 2-18-2016
    Click image for larger version. 

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    "I was right. It IS the 10 Deathwatch characters from the BL stories."

    Ultramarines: Vael Donatus
    Blood Angels: Antor Delassio
    Dark Angels: Zameon Gydrael
    Space Wolves: Drenn Redblade
    Iron Hands: Ennox Sorrlock
    White Scars: Jetek Suberei
    Imperial Fists: Rodricus Grytt
    Raven Guard: Edryc Setorax
    Salamanders: Garran Branatar
    Blood Raven: Jensus Natorian
    Same characters than BL books

    Minis Seen So Far:
    Edryc Setorax
    Vael Donatus
    Zaemon Gydrael
    Antor Delassio
    Rodricus Grytt
    Ennox Sorlock

    With perhaps other potential characters: (to make a squad of 10)

    Drenn Redblade
    Jetek Suberei
    Garran Branatar
    Jensus Natorian
    That leaves Blood Ravens, Salamanders, White Scars Space Wolves as possibly having unseen minis!

    via Games Workshop 2-19-2016

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	overkill-01.jpg 
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    via Bonespace, [URL=";jsessionid=4CBF1E7C447656894D9F57300A6 EFB3C#top"]dakkadakka[/URL] 2-22-2016

    Games Workshop wrote:
    Games Workshop is proud to introduce you to Deathwatch: Overkill – Suffer not the alien to live! A brand new game in a box. Deathwatch: Overkill tells the story of the discovery of the Warhammer 40.000 Genestealer Cult (Tyranids) by the elite Deathwatch Space Marine kill squad on the mining world of Ghosar Quintus.
    Deathwatch: Overkill is a standalone game with lots of new Space Marine and Genestealers Cult (Tyranid) miniatures that can also be used in a regular Warhammer 40.000 game. The miniatures can be used for this game, or they can be used straight in a regular Tyranids army or one of the many Space Marine chapters (without having to convert them). The rules for the Space Marines will be in White Dwarf 109 and for the Tyranids in White Dwarf 110. In addition the datasheets will be available from our website.
    A brand new game in a box, telling the story of the discovery of the Warhammer 40.000 Genestealers Cult (Tyranids). The box contains:
    50x brand new highly detailed plastic miniatures, with lots of little details depicting character background information.
    The miniatures have a dynamic single pose and will require glue and assembly (they are not push fit). The miniatures can be divided into two camps:
    The Genestealer Cult
    These veteran Space Marines will make great champions for any Space Marine army!
    11x individual Space Marine Veteran Champions (equivalent to approximately £ 215 / € 275 retail normally)

    The Deathwatch Kill team
    A brand new Warhammer 40.000 fraction! The below list of miniatures make for addition to an original Tyranid army, an allied detachment to another army, or a great start for a brand new Tyranids army! This box contains the following Genestealers Cult miniatures
    · 12 Acolyte Hybrids (1st and 2nd generation Tyranids)
    · 16 Neophyte Cultists (3rd generation Tyranids)
    · 2x Purestrain Genestealers
    · 2x Familiars
    · 4x Aberrants
    · 1x Patriarch
    · 1x Magus
    · 1x Primus
    · A 48-page rulebook with all the rules (just 3 pages, so it will be easy and quick game), character explanation, the background story, and 9x different missions. (Each scenario acts out one of the stages of the storyline. Each scenario will last between 30mins to 2 hours and will give a lot of playability)
    · 8x double sided board tiles with different landscapes.
    · A deck of 12x reference character cards and 30x Broodmind ambush and mission cards, to offer even more variation to the game so that each game will be different.
    · A booklet with assembly instructions
    · Gaming accessories such as markers, templates and 6 dice.
    via [URL=""]Scanner[/URL] 2-29-2016

    Genestealer Cult Allies - Tyranids!

    Click image for larger version. 

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