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    Default Adeptus Mechanicus Imperial Guard - a WIP blog

    Hi guys,

    as part of a "tale of X gamers" type deal, I'm doing a semi mech IG army, painted up with a bit of converting as well to represent the Adeptus Mechanicus.

    Each month we're aiming to do about 300 points, and with a couple of weeks off I've made a decent start on April! I've never really done any weathering before, so wanted to make the vehicles feel fairly well worn, so far it feels like I'm achieving this reasonably well, that forge world painting book really is a godsend!

    First up I did a test model for the guardsmen. I expect once I start converting squads, they will be quite a bit more different to this, but initially I just wanted to stick a figure together and paint it to kind of prove the concept to me in my head, I'm never really sold on an idea until I can see it infront of me.
    For this, I took some pretty heavy influence from "The Hoff" after some googling about.

    As mentioned, I hope to change these quite a bit for the rest of the army, I'm thinking a lot more needs to be done with the arms, gun, shoulderpads, and perhaps the odd bionic limb too, amongst other things. I'm also going to sub out the bone cogs for pure white (before dirtying it up).

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    Next up I painted a valkyrie. This was a huge undertaking! I've magnetised all the weapons, and have left the roof detachable to view the interior.

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    I had some of the most fun I've ever had painting when doing this, especially the weathering of the white cog. Masking fluid = FUNTIMES!

    Just this morning I finished painting a Banewolf, which took about a day and a half all up. I can't help but think of that motivational poster, but with a twist; "Drive me closer, so I can hit them with my ..errr..intricate series of hypodermic needles and whippy things..I think!" doesn't quite have the same twist.

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    It was amazing how much easier this was to paint than the valk, considering I have another 6 or so chimera chassis vehicles to go, that gives me a bit of hope :D

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    the Valkyrie is just pure awesomeness...

    I think I cried a little... on the inside...
    Only in death does duty end...
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    this is amazing, i hope you already realize that . this is the first mech based army that caught my eye. The valk steals the show thats just mini porn, excellent job.

    oi oi

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    Wow amazing looking stuff you have there

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    And thats all I have to say about that

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    huminahuminahumina. Wow, I love the gears on the valk wings. That last sentence was superfluous considering I love all of it, but I stand by my words!

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    very, very cool. I always loved Tech-guard. keep up the fantastic work!

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