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    Default patzgcruz - Blood Angels Storm Raven Tutorial

    CRUX pattern Blood Angels Storm Raven

    As requested by some members, I decided to replicate the Storm Raven conversion that I made last week and do a step by step process to help out people who want to create their own Storm Raven conversion using my idea. I mainly used the IG Valkyrie and Weapon bits of the Space Marine Whirlwind to create this Blood Angels unique transport.

    My main goal was to create the Storm Raven with as little use of plastic card as possible, and to use a minimum amount of boxed kits to kit bash. With these two boxes, the whirlwind retailing for $40 and the IG Valkyrie retailing for $58, I was able to keep the starting cost below $100. An added bonus of using the parts of the Whirlwind is you get a complete Rhino kit to either add to your army or use as a trade tool with your friends.

    Here are the tools that I used. First off, safety. Try to cut away from your fingers and if you are using a rotary tool use some safety glasses.

    As I am limited by the 4 picture post policy of this site I will try to keep it short and sweet.
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    Default patzgcrux - Storm Raven tutorial part 1

    Using a bone saw and cutting board, I sliced the Valkyrie crew compartment in half, try to do this neatly since we will be using the lower half of the housing as well later on

    I also cut the other half of the cockpit since I won't be needing a secondary pilot. I assembled it using the
    lower half of the seat for support, the glass cockpit, the front hull piece, which as you can see I also cut in
    half, and the cockpit side supports.

    Now to create the other half of the cockpit assembly I cut the wing assembly support of the
    Valkyrie kit at this point.

    These are the pieces that I will use to create the other half of the cockpit. Note the plastic
    card piece that I will use later on for supporting this assembly.

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    Default patzgcrux - Storm Raven tutorial part 2

    Ok, second part of tutorial. This is how the other half of the cockpit assembly should look like.
    I would suggest using blue tack to temporarily mount the parts together.

    A trial connection of the two parts should look like this.

    Assemble the crew compartment of the Valkyrie. Now carefully place the back part of the cockpit assembly. Do a trial connection of the front and back part before doing this. I used the existing railing to help in supporting the pieces.

    The cockpit assembly completed resting on the Valkyrie crew compartment.

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    Default patzgcrux - Storm Raven tutorial part 3

    Ok, to continue on we use the wing brace assembly, the one from an earlier image and complete assembling it with it's lower half and...

    We go ahead and mount it on the side of the hull.

    We need to trim down the doors so that it can fit to the side, use a hobby saw and adjust
    with a hobby knife when putting it on.

    I will next tackle the grapple, magnet for the dreadnought. I use the hatch housing for the Whirlwind
    and one of the multiple rocket front bit and a small round magnet (1/8" i think).

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    Default patzgcrux - Storm Raven tutorial part 4

    Assemble the whirlwind turret/hatch as normal. I suggest gluing the arm down.

    the lower piece is the MLR pod front half, it easily fits to the lower turret.

    Assemble it to the rear of the cockpit, the lower half. Make adjustments as necessary.

    I will go ahead and tackle the anti-tank missile which I procured from the Whirlwind. Note the
    suggested cut point.

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    Default patzgcrux - Storm Raven tutorial part 5

    With a hobby knife, shave away the skull marking off the missile pod cover.

    I attached the missile pod to the side of the wing support.

    Mount the small wing tips at the side of the cockpit. we will use this as support for the

    glue on the assembled engine piece, adjust as necessary to create a even flushed look.

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    Awesome job! I was wondering when these would start poping up...
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    Now we go back and use the lower hull cockpit assembly that we cut out of the upper cockpit and
    we will use this bit as engine covers.

    Laying out the wing pieces that will be used. I had to cut out a strip of plastic card to support
    the rear wings.

    Attach the smaller wings to the lower front, near the assault ramp.

    Mount the plastic card first, then mount the tail wing section.

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    Default patzgcrux - Storm Raven tutorial part 6

    Here is the completed hull of the Storm Raven. I will take a break for now since I have to do some errands.
    But you can see that this is a fairly easy and good looking conversion. I will go ahead and post more later on.

    The large wings are not glued yet, I am still debating if I want to change the angle but at the current configuration it looks like it is moving and it can rest easily on the ground.

    Kindly give input feedback. I think I will try to use the Assault cannon and heavy bolter configuration for this one.

    Update 5/5/10

    Been lucky enough that a lot of people like this design so I am posting some commission work that I've done, these are 2 sets of Blood Angels Death Company Storm ravens with magnetized weaponry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KINGS View Post
    Awesome job! I was wondering when these would start poping up...
    Thanks, I post more pics later today. Don't worry about removing feedback since the bulk of tutorial is done.

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