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    Default Kitbashing a custom Ad Mech Dreadnought

    I am working on making a custom Ad Mech Dreadnought, that I call the Mechnought. I want it to have treads instead of legs, bedecked out with exhaust pipes and weapons, and be over all Ad Mech-ish.

    Any advice on how to give my Mechnought treads?

    Any suggestions for other Ad Mech-ish accessories?

    Anyone know of any good exhaust pipe bits?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    For me the choice would be easy, the Ad Mech Kataphrons. The thing is, I'd probably angle them so the are sitting on an upright angle treating this as the foot and lower leg. You know, like a transformer. In fact, since you get three kataphron in the box, you can use a pair of tracks per leg and the third set on his shoulders or back. Like a transformer

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    I made this bloody years ago:

    The hip socket was a tank cupola, the torso was a Dreadnought and everything else was scratchbuilt; this was back before I was good at greebling. There'd be more rivets nowadays. If I was going to repeat the project, I'd probably use Kataphron tracks, or else the rear track units from the Taurox turned upside down.

    I also made this:

    Which I feel was a better attempt - more force fields instead of armour.

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    go for some tracks like this

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    Sweet, thanks for the advice.

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    I'm playing with a concept for a 'treadnought' myself.
    My plan is to get hold of the tread assemblies from the Forgeworld Rapier weapons platforms, probably the mortar version, less cutting to do.
    Then mate that to the upper body of an Ironclad dreadnought. You could use the treads from the taurox or the Kataphrons, but I think they'd be a little too small for what I'd want.

    I've also had some success with a 'Uni-brute' using the hellbrute and the front wheels off the Skull Cannon of Khorne.
    Here; pictures!

    Hopefully I've given you some ideas

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