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    Default (Sale/Trade) Warmaster, Buildings, Terrain (Update Apr 27)

    For sale, also willing to trade for 1980s old lead 25/28mm Citadel/Marauder/Dungeon Dwellers Heritage/Ral Partha AD&D. email me to hammer out a trade or two.
    All prices negotiable.
    Sale by paypal, buyer pays shipping. Shipping from California, USA
    email me: [email][email protected][/email]
    my blog: [url][/url]

    --- 10mm TERRAIN ---

    7 hills (4 are wooded) $200

    6 wheat fields $60

    16 terrain areas with hedges/bocage/treelines/bushes (these represent farmland, fallow fields, or forest areas) $160

    2 pond/lakes $20

    2 sets of pegasus rivers $20

    Painted Total Battle 6mm Buildings
    These are 6mm but work great for 10mm

    Italian Spanish Penisular, 9 buildings for $150

    Russian, 7 buildings for $120

    Pike and Shotte European, 10 buildings for $225

    --- PAINTED 10mm ARMIES ---

    Mindflayer army, figures only, $360

    Army Of the Riders Of Rohan, figures only, $180

    Orc Army Of Saruman (Isengard Uruk Hai), figures only, $330

    Orc Army Of Mordor, figures only, includes 3 Dragons, Drake, Nazgul , Trolls (not Conan though) $360

    Dwarven army, includes the Fellowship of the Ring (and Conan from bottom of the Mordor post) $240

    UNPAINTED WARMASTER AND COPPLESTONE 10MM: Asking $7 per pack (6 strips per pack)


    4 high elf spears
    6 packs high elf archers
    2 silver helm cavalry
    2 bolt throwers

    3 packs gondor spearmen
    1 gondor rangers
    1 archers

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    Updated and corrected. And thanks to traders and buyers!


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    All remaining items going to ebay.

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