My dad is selling the last of his hex and counter historical wargames... and I thought I would help advertise for him. Alot of WW2 stuff.

All his auctions can be seen here: [url][/url]

And here is a quick listing of the games and their company/publisher:
Campaign To Stalingrad, Southern Russia 1942, Rhino Game Company,
Enemy At The Gates, Stalingrad Pocket, The Gamers,
The Legend Begins North Africa 1940-42, Terran Games
SS Amerika, 3W Wargame
1944 Second Front, From D-Day To Victory, 3W
Imperium, Avalanche Press, Marc Miller,
Gotterdammerung, Twillight Of The Gods, Fall Of Berlin, Moments In History,
Rommel At Bay, 3W
The Army Of The Heartland, Clash Of Arms,
Prelude To Disaster, Soviet Spring Offensive, Clash Of Arms
Guderian's Blitzkrieg, The Drive On Moscow, The Gamers,
Chosin, Pacific Rim
Ardennes, The Gamers
Coup, Steve Jackson
Panzer Grendadier Airborne, Introductiory Edition, Avalanche Press
Panzerkrieg, Von Manstein, OSG
Johnny Reb, John Hill, GDW
MacArthur's Return: Leyte 1944, Avalanche Press,
East Front Battles 1, Blitzkrieg In The South, 3W,
Stalingrad Pocket, The Wehrmacht's Greatest Disaster, The Gamers
Rommel & Tunisia, Last Chance for Glory, OSG
The Last Days Of the Grande Armee, 4 Days Of Waterloo, OSG,
Command Decision 2nd Edition, GDW
Tide Of Iron, Fantasy Flight