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    Quote Originally Posted by YorkNecromancer View Post
    Not yet; the Valkir arms are only really good for rapid fire-style weapons; I'd have to do some serious re-posing to make some Seraphim, and I'm not a huge fan of assault. I much prefer shooty armies.
    First of all i made an acount just to post in response to this. I am converting the assault v alkeria up as assault sisters. Thats what the first picture is. I saw someone ask if you could put marine jump packs on and the short answer is they dont really fit and they kind of look bad. So im just going with the standard backpack from the box for the dakka sisters and marine backpacks for the "jump" look.

    Secondly a few people asked about the scale so in the second picture its a space marine, shooty sister, P.P. winter guard, assault sister, and a storm trooper.

    I will post pictures soon of my four sisters squads two squads of assault sisters and two squads of heavy suport squads... whenever these heads finally show up lol
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    Thanks for posting such a great idea for plastic Sisters, YorkNecromancer. Once I'd seen the excellent results you'd achieved I couldn't resist trying my hand in imitation (the Raging Heroes Kickstarter may have helped XD).

    Here's my humble results so far - excuse the poor paintjobs :

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    Looking great. It's nice to see them without those silly boob plates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metallian View Post
    Looking great. It's nice to see them without those silly boob plates.
    Exactly, its a great way to enote a female, but from a combat perspective, it's a horrible idea. Seperate Breast dividers channel blows inwards and typically upwards towards the face and throat.
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    These look great. Love the colour pallette, and that Heavy Bolter conversion looks superb. Great work!

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