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    Default Necrons Rumor Roundup

    via [URL=""]Lords of War[/URL] 10-10-2014

    -The Necrons will see the release of a Necron lord.
    -They will recieve a codex in January.
    via BoLS 12-11-2014
    Codex Necrons:

    Crammed into the GW schedule right before the new year.
    Pre-orders Dec. 19th
    Street date: Dec 26th
    (Previous chatter from last month says first week of January)

    Little to no new models (a la Grey Knights)
    (scattered chatter says perhaps 1 character clampack and 1 Destroyer/DestroyerLord plastic kit)

    Look for Nerfs to the following:

    Doom Scythes
    Night Scythes

    Tesla will get an overhaul to their rules.
    Deathray will receive a big overhaul to how it targets models.

    Characters remain fundamentally unchanged.
    The Stormlord will recieve a Necron themed orbital bombardment of some type once per game.

    Warlord Traits are good with some granting individual units USRs, while another listed granted an improved version of Reanimation Protocols

    Rumors are rated: Above-Average, coming from known and unknown sources.
    via Shield of Baal: Exterminatus 12-12-2014

    1) Lychguard on new 32mm bases
    2) Unknown weapon on Necron Warrior (bottom left)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    via [URL=""]Forge the Narrative[/URL] 12-13-2014
    New Necron Lord, Warriors
    Click image for larger version. 

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    via [URL=""]Darnok[/URL] 12-23-2014

    Necrons will hit on the 31th of January (so advance orders are up on the previous Friday, the 23rd). Codex, clampack character, and an army box - the latter probably a bit after the book/character.
    via [URL=""]Nostromodamus[/URL] on 12-27-2014

    There will be a plastic Cryptek along with a new Destroyer Lord. That is all I am aware of for Necrons at this time. Don't count on too many new units until the ranges are fully converted to plastic.
    Necron Codex Confirmation 1-17-2015
    Click image for larger version. 

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    via [URL=""]Forge the Narrative[/URL] 1-18-2015

    Necrons codex and product pics!

    Attachment 12354Attachment 12355
    via [URL=""]TKoS[/URL] 1-18-2015

    I have your first Necron leak for you.

    There will be a few new rules but no new units (And the obligatory 7th Ed “Balance” that we have all come to know and love)

    a grand total of 12 hot new formations, ranging from mostly chaff to absolutely broken.

    One of the bigger changes is that Cryptexs and Necron Lords now occupy an HQ slot of their own. For every HQ character in your list, you are allowed to take one of the new Cryptex/Lord detachment (ala warlock council) which is between one and five characters each.

    The old royal courts we know and love are gone, but are now a formation (Aptly called a Royal Court) consisting of an Overlord, 1+ Cryptexs, and 1+ Lords.
    The Overlord may not take a Command Barge, and all the characters are clumped into one unit.
    +1 to reanimation protocol (which is not going away or changing) which stacks with a resurrection orb, and some other buffs that I can’t remember, but one had to do with phaerons (Oh, and any phaeron in your detachment MUST be your overlord).
    via [URL=""]Archibald_TK[/URL] 1-19-2015

    Necrons have a whole new way to build an army! The Decurion. It's both opening a lot of options and restrictive at the same time, as weird as it sounds. You can use it instead of normal FoC if you want. also keep in mind that it's the usual me reading the WD super fast when I have the time so there may be mistakes:

    You basically can chose a base formation that includes all of your basic units.
    It must contain: - 1 Overlord (or Zandrek, Anraky, Trazyn or a Barge), 2 units of Warriors, 1 of Immortal and 1 of Tomb Blades.
    You lose Objectives Secured, Overlord and all units from this formation within 12" reroll 1 to Protocols, and two fluffy but not usually useful rules: Move through Cover and Relentless (in case you really want to charge with your Warriors/Immortals after shooting =/, which is funny because even in the WD they realize it's the only use).
    You can add 6 units of Warriors, 3 of Immortals, 2 Lychguards, 2 Tomb Blades if I remember correctly and 3 Monoliths.
    No reroll on the Warlord table for it, probably because it's not really a normal detachment.

    Once done you can add a Royal court formation: 1 Overlord (same as previously except it can be the Stormlord now), up to 3 Cryptek and up to 3 Lords.

    Then, you can add up to 10 of the available formations, which are all about a theme, in any number if I've read it right, (which I'll be able to confirm later today) so you can go full Destroyer if you want for example:
    - One is 1 Destroyer Lord, 3 units of Destroyer, and can add 1 unit of Heavy Destroyers (Ohhhhhhhhh, they are no longer Destroyer upgrades?).
    - One allow you to add a Nightbringer Shard, Deceiver Shard, ACtan or Vault. (Ohhhhhhhh, they refer to the shards by their name!)
    - One is 2 Annihilation Barge and a Doomsday Ark
    - I think there is one with an Obelisk and 2 Monoliths.
    - One is 1 Spyder, 1 unit of Wraiths, 1 of Scarabs
    - 1 Stalker and 2 Praetorians
    - 1 unit of Deathmarks (yup, just 1 if I remember right)
    - 1 unit of Flayed Ones
    - One is up to 4 Doom Scythes (remember folks, I go from memory so I may be messing up numbers)
    And so on, I have no idea if these formations can be taken outside of the Decurion, as I didn't have enough time to read in detail. Also I'm pretty sure that there are no Night Scythes and Ghost Arks formations, thus they shall still be dedicated transports I suppose.

    Also I do not expect anything else for the Necrons as the end of the WD refer for the following week to "Dance of Death".
    via [URL=""]La Taburna de Laurana[/URL] 1-21-2015

    Necron Codex & Plastic Lord
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	12402Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20150121_120611.jpg 
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    Necron Rumor Roundup (Continued)

    via Primarch Lost in the Warp - Latest Necron pics: 1-21-2015
    via [URL=""]Archibald_TK[/URL] on Warseer 01-21-2015

    C'Tan Info
    Regarding the CTans, WD seems to really make a difference between Shards of the Deceiver, Nightbringer, Trans CTan and the Vault. This is how their power work:
    - During the shooting phase, chose an enemy unit.
    - Roll a D6 or pick a card to determine the attack it suffers.
    - The randomness represents the CTan basically doing whatever he wants when released on a battlefield.
    - Each attack comes in 2 Flavors.
    - The first one, supposedly already devastating, is used by the two shards and the Trans CTan.
    - The second one, that appears to be the powerful Apocalypse effect, is for the Vault.
    via Gary's [URL=""]bird[/URL] 1-24-2014

    Necron Special Rules
    Reanimation Protocols are for whenever a model suffers an unsaved wound and can be used against "no saves of any kind" as RA is not a saving throw. It also works against instant death weapons, but not destroyer or removed from play. Standard is a 5+ and can never be improved better than a 4+. If you have fnp, and RA, you must choose which one to use., but not both.

    Living Metal ignores shaken results but still loses a hull point. On the roll of a 6 at the end of the round, regain a lost hull point.

    Necron Warlord Traits
    1. Warlord has Eternal Warrior
    2. Warlord has Zealot
    3. Warlord and friendlies within 12" re-roll failed morale, pinning and fear
    4. While warlord is alive, add or subtract 1 to reserve rolls and seize the initiative after the roll is made
    5. Warlord and friendles within 12" have relentless and crusader
    6. Warlord must accept challenges and re-rollls all failed to hit rolls in challenges. If an enemy refuses a challenge the Warlord gains hatred for rest of game.

    Necron Unit Changes
    Some stat changes I noticed:
    Overlords (and the othet special character overlords)- WS and BS 5 instead
    of 4
    Lords - 2 wounds instead of 1
    Cryptek - 2 wounds instead of 1
    Orikan the Diviner- once the change in stats happens, it remains for the
    entire game!
    Flayed ones - same stats but now have 2 weapons (flayer claws, AP5, shred)
    so have 4 attacks total.
    Triarch praetorians - 2 attacks instead of 1.
    Canoptek Wraiths - Toughness 5 instead of 4
    Destroyers (both versions) - 2 wounds instead of 1 (finally)
    Obelisk - 14 AV all around, instead of 12.

    The Phase shifter, which is now 4+ inv save instead of 3+, states
    specifically that it doesnt work on the catacomb Barge, just the Overlord.

    Death Ray - now is 24" S10, AP1, Heavy 1, Blast, Lance
    Doomsday cannon, +1 strength to both profiles (so 8/10)
    C'Tan & Transcendant C'Tan
    Note that the datacards include a deck of the c'tan powers so you can shuffle those and draw a card instead of rolling.

    All powers are 24" except the Tesseract Vault which has a range of 48". Tesseract Vault powers are are the same strength and ap, but longer ranged and other changes noted below.

    1. Powers of the C'tan
    Antimatter Meteor -S8 AP3 lg blast
    -Tesseract Vault Apoc Blast

    2. Cosmic Fire - S6 AP4 lg blast ignores cover
    -Tesseract Vault Apoc blast ignores cover

    3. Seismic Assault - S6 AP4 assault 10 strikedown
    -Tesseract Vault Assault 20 strikedown

    4. Sky of Falling Stars - S7 AP4 assault 3 lg blast barrage
    -Tesseract Vault assault 6 apoc barrage

    5. Time's Arrow - SD AP1 precision shot
    -Tesseract Vault assault 2 precision shots

    6. Transdimensional Thunderbolt -S9 AP1 Tesla
    -Tesseract Vault assault 2 Tesla

    *Tesla: When firing this weapon a to hit roll of 6 causes 2 extra hits. Snap shots dont do extra hits.

    The C'tan are not generalized into one generic unit like some people are concerned. Each gets its own entry and costs around the same point costs of a Land Raider, with the Transcendent costing an extra 10pts which also carries with it an extra wound giving it a 5 wounds. I would of expected a higher toughness, but S7 and T7 is all around. Transcendent has an additional Strength.

    Powers of the C'tan work like this; Pick your target and then roll for power.

    All of them share some powers of eternal warrior, and fearless, Immune to natural law- ignoring terrain, and Necrodermis- 4++ and exploding on death-any models within d6" suffer S4 AP1 hits.

    The biggest differences are in their remaining powers
    Nightbringer- fleshbane and Gaze of Death targets non-vehicles 12" and takes AP2 wounds equal to 3d6 minus leadership

    Deceiver- hit and run, Dread-enemy units within 12" -2 leadership, and Grand Illusion- after scouts redeploy d3 units within 12"and the deceiver through normal deployment or put in reserves.

    Transcendent- Deepstrike, and Writhing Worldscape- open ground in 6" is difficult terrain.

    via [URL=""]warseer's[/URL] antaonix 1-25-2014

    I got some news from my source. I translate it to english. "reanimation protocol now activates like Fantasy's ward save. if you failed a Armor save or cannot make armor save, you immediately make a reanimation protocol roll. It still 5+."
    "Also, resurrection orb is now one use only. If you use it, you can reroll current phase's protocol." "Doom scythe's Death ray changed to S10 ap1 Small template Weapon."

    Hi guys, New information for the necron here. Again, I just translated it to english. I'm not native speaker so please understand poor translation

    1. Reanimation protocol changed like Fantasy's ward save. Can be used at Instant Death.
    2. Resurrection orb now gives reroll of current phase's protocol. One use only.
    3. Lychguard and Praetorian guard's point value almost halved.
    4. Invul save of lychguard now same as storm shield. But no reflection.
    5. Praetorian's magic stick's range increased to 12"
    6. Triarch stalker now have ability which increasing nearby unit's BS.
    7. At start of Each turn, Nemesor Zandrek pick one of the Warlord trait of Codex or rulebook and use it until next turn.
    8. He still applies nearby enemy unit's special rule to himself.
    9. All the fliers nerfed. Point increase and Weapon's power decrease.
    10. Cryptek is now HQ slot.
    11. Mss got serious nerf.
    Lexington is on the case!

    via The Tyranid Hive's [URL=""]jackedup[/URL] 1-26-2015

    "Ask Someone Who Has the Codex"
    Okay, so here are all the units. Dunno too well what's new and what's not, but ask if you want info on any of it.


    Anrakyr the Traveller
    Illumninor Szeras
    Nemesor Zahndrekh
    Orikan the Diviner
    Orikan Empowered
    Trazyn the Infinite
    Vargard Obyron

    Necron Warrior

    Flayed One
    C'tan Deceiver
    C'Tan Nightbringer
    Triarch Praetorian

    Fast Attack:
    Canoptek Wraith
    Canoptek Scarab
    Heavy Destroyer
    Tomb Blade

    Heavy Support:
    Canoptek Spyder
    Heavy Destroyer
    Transcendent C'Tan

    Annihilation Barge
    Catacomb Command Barge
    Doom Scythe
    Doomsday Ark
    Ghost Ark
    Night Scythe
    Triarch Stalker
    Tessaract Vault

    Lord of War
    Imotekh the Stormlord

    Necron Special Rules:

    Renanimation Protocols - When a model with this rule suffers an unsaved wound, it can make a special reanimation roll to avoid being wounded. This is not a saving throw and can be used against attacks that state "no saves of any kind are allowed". Reanimation protocols rolls may even be made against hits that cause Instant Death, but cannot be used against hits from Destroyer weapons, or an attack that states the model is removed from play.

    Roll a D6 each time the model suffers an unsaved wound, subtracting 1 if the wound caused Instant Death. On a 5+, discount the unsaved wound. Modifiers to this dice roll can never be improved to better than 4+.

    If a model has both reanimation and FNP, you can choose to use one or the other but not both.

    Living Metal - A model with this special rule ignores the effects of crew shaken, but still loses a hull point. At the end of each of your turns, roll a D6 for each heavy or super heavy vehicle with this special rule that has less than its starting number of hull points, but has not been destroyed. On a roll of a 6 it regains a hull point.

    Immortals are 17 points each

    Warriors are 13 points each.

    Lychguard are 125 points for a squad of 5.

    WS 4 BS 4 S 5 T 5 W 1 I 2 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 3+

    Warscythe, Reanimation protocols. May select a night scythe as a dedicated trasnport.

    The entire unit may exchange their warscythes for hyperphase swords and dispersion shields.

    Hyperphase sword + shield are 5 pts per model for the Lychguard

    Canoptek Scarabs are Fast Attack, 60 points.

    WS2 BS2 S3 T3 W3 I2 A4 Ld10 Sv6+

    May include up to six bases at 20 pts per base

    Entropic Strike: To wound rolls of 6 wound automatically and cause glancing hits if they wouldn't penetrate

    Fearless, Swarm

    Flayed Ones, Elites, 65 Points for 5 guys

    WS4 BS4 S4 T4 Wi I2 A3 Ld10 Sv4+

    May include up to 15 other Fllayed nes at 13 pts per model

    Deep Strike, Fear, Infiltrate, Reanimation Protocols

    Two Flayer Claws: AP 5, Shred

    Catacomb Command Barge - HQ, 135 points

    This is taken in place of your Overlord (he sits inside the thing) WS5 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I2 A3 Ld10 Sv.3+

    Catacomb Command Barge BS4, 11AV all around, HP3

    Overlord has his usual stuff (staff of light, Reanimation, can buy extra wargear, etc.)

    Catacomb Command Barge has a Gauss Cannon (can switch to Tesla Cannon), Quantum Shielding, and Living Metal.

    Command Wave: All Necron friendlies within 12" re-roll failed morale, pinning, and fear tests. If the warlord in the barge has the Immortal Hubris trait (see earlier in thread), command wave range extends to 18".

    Annihilation Barge - Heavy Support, 120 points

    BS4, AV 11 all around, HP3

    Gauss cannon (can switch to Tesla), Twin linked tesla destructor, Quantum shielding, Living Metal

    My bad - the annihilation barge is in a formation I forgot to list. The Annihilation nexus, which has two Annihilation Barges and 1 Doomsday Ark.

    Anrakyr the Traveller:

    160 points, Character, HQ

    WS5 BS5 S5 T5 W3 I2 A3 Ld10 Sv.3+

    Tachyon arrow and Warscythe

    Warlord Trait is Implacable Conqueror (see earlier post in thread)

    Counter-attack, Furious Charge, IC, Reanimation

    Mind in the Machine: At start of shooting phase, choose an enemy vehicle within 12". On a 4+, randomly select one of that vehicle's weapons (no choosing one use weapons that have already been fired off though, or destroyed weapons) and shoot the weapon at another enemy unit. Use the vehicle's BS, unless it is stunned or shaken (then snap shots only). Tyranids laugh at this.

    Pyrrhian Eternals - At start of game, before deployment, nominate one friendly unit of immortals. They have Furious charge and counter-attack.

    The Force Org for Necrons is different, and organised into detachments.

    Reclamation Deatchment (1+) =

    1 Overlord
    0-2 Lychguard
    1-4 Immortals
    2-8 Necron Warriors
    1-3 Tomb Blades
    0-3 Monoloiths

    1-10 choices f the following per reclamation legion:

    Judicator Battatlion=
    1 unit of Triach Stalkers
    2 units of Triarch Praetorians

    Destroyer Cult=
    1 Destroyer Lord
    3 units of destroyers
    0-1 units of heavy destroyers

    Canoptek Harvest=
    1 Canoptek Spyder
    1 unit of Canoptek Wraiths
    1 unit of Canoptek Scarabs

    Star God=
    1 C'Tan Shard f the Deceiver, Shard of the Nightbringer, Transcendent C'Tan or Tessaract Vault

    Annihalation Nexus=
    2 Annihilation Barges
    1 Domsday Ark

    Flayed Ones=
    1 unit of Flayed Ones

    Living Tomb=
    1 Obelisk
    0-2 Monoloths

    1 unit of Deathmarks

    Deathbringer Flight
    2-4 Doomscythes

    Dispersion Shield

    A mdel equipped with a diispersion shield has a 3+ invulnerable save, but can never claim the two weapons bonus in the fight sub phase.

    Mindshackle Scarabs

    When fighting in a challenge, a model with the scarabs has the Fear rule. Fear tests taken as a result of the scarabs are taken on a 3D6.

    Deathray - 24", Str 10, AP 1, Heavy, Blast, Lance

    Whipcoils can be purcahsed for 3 pts per model. S = user, gains swiftstrike (+3 init)

    On the Doomsday Cannon:

    Low Power 24", S8 AP3, Heavy, Blast

    High Power 72" S10 AP1, Primary Weapon 1, Large Blast, Divert Power (must be stationary)

    I don't see anything about Tomblades being able to increase armour save or jink.

    Technoarcana is as follows:

    Chronometron - The model and his unit have 5+ invuln. against shooting attacks

    Dispersion shield - Model has 3+ invuln., cannot claim Two Weapon bonus

    Fabricator Claw Array - During shooting phase, instead of shooting, a model with the claw can repair a single friendly vehicle in base contact. D6 roll: on a 4+, restore a hull point or repair weapon destroyed or immobilised result, effective immediately.

    Gloom Prism - Model and all units within 12" have Adamantium Will.

    Mindshackle Scarabs 10pts - During a challenge, model with the scarabs causes Fear. Ld. tests against the model are taken on 3D6.

    Nebuloscope - model ignores cover when shooting

    Phase Shifter 25pts - 4+ invuln. save, but only for the model and not any chariot it rides on

    Phylactery 15pts - It Will Not Die, for both the model and any chariot it rides on

    Resurrection Orb 25pts- Once per game, after an unsuccessful reanimation roll has been made for the model (or another model in the same unit), you can re-roll it and any other failed reanimation rolls (for the model and its unit) until end of phase.

    Quantum Shielding - The vehicle has AV13 all around, but after the first penetrating hit, it falls back to the normal AV values.

    Shadowloom - +1 cover save (6+ in the open)

    Shield Vanes - 3+ armour save

    Artefacts of the Aeons

    Gauntlet of Conflagrator 30pts- Template, S7 AP2, Assault 1, One Use Only

    Nightmare Shroud 35pts- 2+ armour save and fear. Once per game can force enemy unit within 18" to take a morale check (Fearless and Know No Fear units are immune)

    Orb of Eternity 40pts- See the Resurrection Orb above, except this also gives +1 to the reanimation rolls

    Solar Staff 15pts- 12", S5 AP3, Assault 3, Blind, Solar Pulse

    Solar Pulse: Once per game, at the start of any turn, cancel night fighting for the turn. When activated, enemy units can only fire snap shots at the model and its unit until the staff bearer's next turn.

    Veil of Darkness 25pts- Deep strike. Once per game, can remove itself and its unit from the table and immediately deep strike somewhere else (even if locked in assault)

    Voidreaper 30pts- S+2 AP2, Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Master Crafted, Two Handed

    Powers of the C' goes:

    Models with Powers of the C'Tan can use them as a ranged weapon in the shooting phase. They cannot use them to fire on overwatch. Each time a model uses this, choose a target then roll a D6 to see what happens. For Nightbringer, Deceiver, and Transcendent, use the Transcendent effect. For Tessaract cube, use Coalescent effect.

    1. Antimatter Meteor -

    Transcendent: 24", S8 AP3, Assault 1, Large Blast
    Coalescent: 48", S8, AP3, Assault 1, Apocalyptic Blast

    2. Cosmic Fire -
    Transcendent: 24", S6 AP4, Assault 1, Large Blast, Ignores Cover
    Coalescent: 48", S6 AP4, Assault 1, Apocalyptic Blast, Ignores Cover

    3. Seismic Assault-
    Transcendent: 24", S6 AP4, Assault 10, Strikedown
    Coalescent: 48". S6 AP4, Assault 20, Strikedown

    4. Sky of Falling Stars
    Transcendent: 24", S7 AP4, Assault 3, Large Blast
    Coalescent: 48", S7, AP4, Assault 6, Apocalyptic Barrage

    5. Time's Arrow
    Transcendent: 24", SD AP1, Assault 1, Precision Shots
    Coalescent: 48", SD, AP1, Assault 2, Precision Shots

    6. Transdimensional Thunderbolt
    Transcendent: 24", S9 AP1, Assault 1, Tesla
    Coalescent: 48", S9 AP1, Assault 2, Tesla

    Tesla: To Hit roll of 6 causes 2 additional hits on the target. Snap shots never cause additional hits due to Tesla.

    Necron Warlord Traits

    1 Enduring Wrath - Warlord has Eternal Warrior

    2 Eternal Madness - Zealot special rule

    3 Immortal Hubris - Warlord and friendly units within 12" re-roll failed morale, pinning, and fear tests

    4 Hyperlogical strategist - Add or subtract 1 from reserve rolls and seize the initiative

    5 Implacable Conqueror - Warlord and all friendlies within 12" have Relentless and Crusader

    6 Honorable Combatant - Must issue or accept challenges. Re-roll all failed to hit rolls in a challenge. No friendly character other than Vargard Obytron can attempt glorious intervention. If enemy refuses challenge, warlord gains hatred for rest of game.

    Odds & Ends

    1. Codex specifically states: "Snap Shots never cause additional hits as a result of this special rule".

    2. Night Scythe is 130 points. They still have invasion beams.

    3. Gauss auto wounds on a 6, and auto glances on a 6. No double strength.

    4. Tomb Blades have twin linked gauss blasters. These can be exchanged with twin linked Tesla Carbines for free, or Particle Beamers for 2 points / model

    5. Anrakyr is 160 points.

    6. Triarch Praetorians are 140 points for a squad of 5. Their Rod of Covenant has a 12" range.

    7. The Doomsday Ark is Heavy Support (again, see my earlier post about Crons not using standard Force Org though). It still has t be stationary to fire.

    8. Monolith: 200 points, 14 AV all around, BS4, 4HP. Four gauss flayer arcs, Particle Whip, Eternity Gate, Deep Strike, Living Metal.

    I am not a Cron player, but I think the Obelisk is new? It's like a superheavy version of the Monolith. 300 points, 14AV all around, BS4, 4HP. Four Tesla Spheres, and all enemy flyer, skimmer, jetbike, and FMCs treat terrain within 18" of the Obelisk as dangerous terrain. Zooming flyers and FMCs must also take a dangerous terrain test. The Obelisk can be "powered down" and gain 3+ invuln, but cannot move or shoot. Deep striking obelisks are always powered up. Once powered up, it cannot power down again.

    9. The Spyder can add a single Canoptek Scarab base to a scarab unit within 6", at the start of the movement phase, even if it raises it past the starting amount. Roll a D6 after that, and it takes a wound on a 1.

    10. Cryptek:

    65 points, HQ, Infantry (character)

    WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W2 Iw A1 Ld10 Sv.4+

    Staff of Light, may take a chronometron (25 points), may take items from Technoarcana or Artefacts of the Aeons

    Reanimation Protocols

    Technomancer: This model and all models with the Reanimation Protocols rule in his unit receive +1 to Reanimation Protocol rolls (posted the rules for RP earlier in the thread)

    images via [URL=""]Forge the Narrative[/URL] 1-28-2015

    11th Hour Necron Teaser Images
    Original Post

    Short and sweet.
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    Necron Rumor Roundup Continued

    via [URL=""]Forge the Narrative[/URL] 12-29-2015

    Hopefully the next WD will have clues and info about what is to come. Im excited, yet it is curbed, as I know that Necrons will get nerfed hard due to how many people complain about them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Demonus View Post
    Hopefully the next WD will have clues and info about what is to come. Im excited, yet it is curbed, as I know that Necrons will get nerfed hard due to how many people complain about them.
    GW take very little of the whining of the internet into consideration as its unreliable, Necrons were written for 6th as it is so there isn't a whole lot to change

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    And with Necrons, the update cycle is complete within 2.5 years (ish) of beginning.

    Wonder what we'll see after - raft of Supplement Codecies, SoB given a long needed makeover (please this one at least) or 'older' books updated?
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    And with Necrons, the update cycle is complete within 2.5 years (ish) of beginning.

    Wonder what we'll see after - raft of Supplement Codecies, SoB given a long needed makeover (please this one at least) or 'older' books updated?
    8th edition with a mini codex a week in white dwarf (starting in the new year) allowing them to converge the Warhammer lines in the summer with what might be referred to as Warhammers 9th editions, or Warhammer: Year Zero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Wonder what we'll see after - raft of Supplement Codecies, SoB given a long needed makeover (please this one at least) or 'older' books updated?
    I heard a rumor from the seer of whines that Sisters are under a new project anticipated to be completed in two years (and about a dozen too late).

    Anyone heard if the Destroyer kit rekit rumor to include the Lord and Heavy option has any legs (no pun intended)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    And with Necrons, the update cycle is complete within 2.5 years (ish) of beginning.

    Wonder what we'll see after - raft of Supplement Codecies, SoB given a long needed makeover (please this one at least) or 'older' books updated?
    Is the era of the supplement over in lieu of dataslates?

    I'm interested in some factions getting their own unique rules - like craftworld specific eldar, Ork clans, etc...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defenestratus View Post
    Is the era of the supplement over in lieu of dataslates?

    I'm interested in some factions getting their own unique rules - like craftworld specific eldar, Ork clans, etc...
    Of the last few codexes, most have had Supplements still, supplements with datasheets and formations and detachments, a dataslate is basically a small supplement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defenestratus View Post
    Is the era of the supplement over in lieu of dataslates?

    I'm interested in some factions getting their own unique rules - like craftworld specific eldar, Ork clans, etc...
    Seems like if anything Supplements have been getting a bit more rules to them in the form of formations and separate FOC's if anything. Personally I am hoping we get a few years of supplements and new plastic models, since I hate Finecast

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