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    Default End Times Rumor Roundup

    As the Nagash thread is getting long and is apparently only the start of the end times, I'm putting future rumors in here:

    via [URL=""]adicto[/URL] 9-11-2014
    October - The Month of Chaos

    Original Spanish
    Hay algo que aún no hemos visto que aparecerá dentro de poco. Una nueva forma de maldad y destrucción relacionado con Glotkin.

    Octubre sería el mes del caos, el starter kit por ahí anda, lo que nose cuando, según contaron pensé que era para el 20.

    Libro Chaos, 2 Cajas Grandes, 1 Mediana, y un blister de un PE.
    ¿Cartas Impias?

    ¿Malus se convertirá en P. Demonio?
    ¿Volveran el culto de Slaneesh?
    ¿Druchii ungidos regresan para arrasar Naggaroth?
    ¿La Profecía de Nagarythe se cumple?
    ¿Los Antiguos Campeones del Caos Regresan?
    ¿La Profecía sobre los Dragones de Caledor ha llegado?
    English Translation:
    "There is something we haven't seen yet that will pop out soon enough. A new kind of evil and destruction related to Glotkin.
    October should be the month of Chaos, the starter kit is there somewhere, I don't know when, the way they told me I thought it would be on september 20th.
    Chaos book. 2 big boxes. 1 medium-sized box, and a SC (TN: special character) blister.
    Unholy cards?
    Will Malus become a daemon prince?
    Will the cult of slaanesh (TN: Cult of Pleasure) return?
    Will the anointed druchii come back to obliterate Naggaroth?
    Will the Nagarythe prophecy become true?
    Will the old chaos champions return?
    is the Caledor dragons prophecy finally here?"
    Steve the Warboss: 9-13-2014

    The book includes, for example (what I know);
    -New Archaon Profile
    -Cult of Slaanesh for Dark Elves with a new Unit and Chaos Demons
    -Chaos Mono-List for Nurgle with Warriors and Demons united
    -New Nurgle Chaos Champion (Valnir Aesling?)
    -There is a picture with Nurgle Demons and a different looking great unclean one (I'm not sure, new model or convension)
    -Some old Chaos Warrior Chars returns (van Horstmann, Arbaal, and Aekold Helbrass)
    And previously he said:
    "Soon after the Dark Eldar, Endtimes will goes into the next round. It will be a big chaos release with 5-6 week."
    Latest info on the Endtimes Chaos release: 9-17-2014

    - 6 Week Release
    - 1 week for each chaos god
    - 2 weeks for the campaign specific minis

    - I would expect the chaos god weeks to include dual-use kits for 40k/wfb (probably the plastic major daemons)
    - The other kits are probably Archaon and his Lieutenants, as we saw with the Nagash wave.
    - Fancy End Times bookset of course.
    - Starts after Dark Eldar, so Oct 4th.
    via Warseer's [URL=""]Adicto[/URL]: 9-22-2014

    Endtimes: Archaon (book and limited edition)
    - Big Supermonster Kit (Vilitch)
    - Chosen
    - Valnir (blister)

    They say thats all the WoC stuff we're going to get. I also heard that Valkya dies, sigh...
    via Warseer's [URL=""]Mithrilherz[/URL] 10-2-2014
    I have heard today things from a source I consider very reliable.
    I know I have no rumour credits, so do with it what ever you want. I do not claim anything.
    I am reading rumours here for many years, so now there might be the chance to give something back to the community.

    - Endtimes Chaos Book will cover 4 factions: WoC, DoC, Beastmen, Dark Elves Cult of Slaanesh

    - Models
    New Galrauch
    New Egrimm von Horstmann

    Now my mate was a little unclear, because he was so excited about is DE, that he did not listen properly. He is still digesting the massacre hed had to take vs my Nagash/Undead Legion last weekend and seeking revenge.

    Huge mutant kit with several riders
    and / or
    New Dragon with several riders, one of them probably the before mentioned van Horstmann

    - 2015 being a Fantasy year
    After having released 7th edition 40K and almost all army books for 40K (? I have no clue about 40K), they want to revive Fantasy with 9th edition and several (!) army books, when the end times are done.

    - GW have seemed to understood that in order to sell miniatures, they need to give the minis good rules in the game in order that the customers really want them.
    via [URL=""]Warseer's Darnok[/URL] 10-4-2014

    End Times Part II
    I'm trying with a fresh start, summarising the things I have from a very trusted birdy. According to this source, the models released over the next weeks are:

    "Glotkin" ... a named character, not a mount option for anybody, the biggest kit to be released (though not as big as a Stompa, as rumoured by others)
    Nurgle (?) Chosen ... the uncertainty here is whether they are actually dedicated to Nurgle, or "only" very mutated
    a new big mount ... for "multiple types of riders", but most likely to be WoC only
    named character in clampack ... no details here

    The upcoming WD points to "Scions of Chaos" next week, which is most likely the first batch of these going on advance orders on the evening of October the 10th. I've been told the Chosen and the clampack character are the week #1 releases. With a bit of uncertainty: the "big mount" for week #2, and Glotkin plus book in week #3.

    There is no box like the 40K "Stormclaw" one coming.

    So I've been informed that the "Nurgle Blightkings" are infact the unit previously running as "Nurgle Chosen". And the clampack character seems to run by the name Gutrot Spume...
    via [URL=""]Descanso del Escriba[/URL] 10-6-2014
    Blightkings of Nurgle
    Attachment 11404Attachment 11405Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wd-36 blightknights.jpg 
Views:	1974 
Size:	118.1 KB 
ID:	11406Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wd-36-toc.jpeg 
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ID:	11407
    via [URL=""]L'Astropate[/URL] 10-7-2014

    Nurgle BlightKings
    via [URL=""][/URL] 10-13-2014
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wd38.jpg 
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Size:	58.3 KB 
ID:	11501

    via Warseer's [URL=""]Archibald_TK[/URL] 10-13-2014

    In the next WD:
    - New box akin to the Mortarchs, allowing to create 3 special Nurgle characters mounted what appear to happen when you cross a giant ape and a very aggressive worm, rules included in the WD.

    That's the only release for that week...

    if you liked the Blight Kings, then you'll find the new ones awesome. If I remember correctly they're called something like Maggot Lords (I'm not even sure, see how efficient my memory is?)

    Also I don't play WFB so I have no idea what I'm reading when it comes to rules. I just remember one of them can spit and it works like a catapult, 24" S3(4) ignore armors. They're lords and their prices all tend to float around the 400pts mark.
    EDIT- Oh and also like the Mortarchs it's a unique profile for them and their mount.
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    End Times Rumor Roundup - (Cont.)
    Via [URL=""]L'Astropate[/URL] 10-8-2014

    via [URL=""]Mexican Ork[/URL] and [URL=""]Warseer's Archibald_TK[/URL] 10-14-2014
    - The character with the two axes is the leader, his axes give him +2S and poisoned attacks. If I remember correctly they all have S6 T5 as base stats, plus a load of W and A. See how ugly his face is?
    - The wizard has a cloud of flies that attack units like a shooting attack and count as magical. Also he carries an item that give him +1 to something and -1 to the same thing to all enemy wizards within 12" so I suppose it's to casting checks or whatever wizards do in WFB. He's the one with the stone thrower attack. I'm also pretty sure he's the only one without a 6+ ward save.
    - Morbidex Twiceborn is the one I was talking with the regen aura for Nurglings.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2626b3aeb16ef869dab9cf404c221472.jpg 
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Size:	282.2 KB 
ID:	11503Click image for larger version. 

Name:	31047c2a64f780f30218e6390a65dfd7.jpg 
Views:	584 
Size:	219.4 KB 
ID:	11504Click image for larger version. 

Name:	c434d40bc447c738bbe014f3f394445a.jpg 
Views:	723 
Size:	205.9 KB 
ID:	11505
    via [URL=""]El taller de Yila[/URL] 10-14-2014

    Regarding the WFB plaguelords:
    Maggot Lord - nurgle monster + rider set, new never before seen box allowing 3 options:

    • Orghotts Daemonspew, Chaos Lord on Whippermaw.

    • Bloab Rotspawned, Chaos Sorcerer on Bilespurter.

    • Morbidex Twiceborn, nurgle champion on Tripletongue.
    via Warseer's [URL=""]Arthurius11[/URL] 10-15-2014
    As usual this is not 100% but I have heard the elves book is going to be called end times : Khaine. Also that there will be no new dark elf models with it. Take that as you will. I personally hope that is wrong or incorrect as I was hoping for new Malekith or morathi models. But leaves door open for other possible elves models / units. We will see as it is still a while away on those ones.

    via [URL=""]L'Astropate[/URL] 10-15-2014
    Maggot Lords Details
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fj10.jpg 
Views:	477 
Size:	193.4 KB 
ID:	11518Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fjxjfx10.jpg 
Views:	597 
Size:	144.3 KB 
ID:	11519Click image for larger version. 

Name:	fyk10.jpg 
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ID:	11520Click image for larger version. 

Name:	shgfsh10.jpg 
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ID:	11521

    via Warseer's [URL=""]Felwether[/URL] 10-20-2014
    End Times II Prices

    The Glottkin (€86/£66)

    Warhammer: Glottkin (Book) (€52/£40)

    End Times: The Fall of Altdorf (Black Library)

    The Bane of Malekith (Black Library)

    There are also two bundles (I'm guessing) for 40K.
    Notes on End Times II:
    - Apparently Altdorf (capitol of The Empire) falls!

    - Something very bad happens to the Elves...*
    via Warseer's [URL=""]Sexiest_Hero[/URL] 10-20-2014

    A lot of people are gonna be mad when the elf book hits, fluff wise I think.

    Mildly irritated. I think a lot of people get caught up in the Noble High elf them when in truth it's more petty high school drama. Look for their pride arrogance and lust to be their downfall. Arrogance most of all.

    I hear a little bit from a fluff fairy. ...People have a romanticized view of high elves, as good or noble. They are a force of Order. The elves will not save the day with another great Vortex. Things will get as bad for their island and the Empire Woodelves and Britonia. You already see the petty things they have done in the first book. Well you haven't seen petty yet.
    via [URL=""]L'Astropate[/URL] 10-21-2014

    End Times II Product Descriptions
    Ghost9494 on L'Astropate -*
    - "The Glottkin" box contains a sorcerer and a champion on a monster similar to a Nurgle giant;*
    - The english version of "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" is a set with two hardcover books, one for the story and the other for the rules;*
    - The italian version is a softcover book with the rules and a reduced version of the story;*
    - "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" contains the story about the forces of Chaos (Daemons, Warriors of Chaos and Beastmen) invading the Empire.

    Ghost9494 sull'Astropate*
    - La scatola "The Glottkin" contiene uno stregone e un campione che cavalcano un mostro simile a un gigante di Nurgle;*
    - La versione in inglese di "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" ha la copertina rigida e contiene due libri, uno per la narrativa e l'altro per le regole;*
    - La versione in italiano di "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" ha la copertina morbida e contiene le regole e una versione ridotta della narrativa;*
    - I libri "Warhammer The End Times: Glottkin" raccontano l'invasione dell'Impero da parte delle forze del Caos (Guerrieri e Demoni del Caos e Uominibestia).
    via Steve the Warboss 1-10-2015

    The Climax of the End Times Series
    -5th and last Book in March
    -Title is Endtimes: Achaeon
    -More Chaos content, focus on Khorne

    Original Post

    Hmm. Interesting.

    The apparent SC Blister would have to be someone new - I can't think of anything in the Chaos book that is missing a model, nor characters that particularly need an update.

    Of course that's not ruling anything out. Nagash brought us three new Undead characters after - the man himself, Neferata and Arkhan.

    We might see a plastic Hellcannon - lord knows the kit could be made more spangly!
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    End Times Rumor Roundup (cont)

    via [URL=""]Warseer's Arthusius11[/URL] & [URL=""]imgur[/URL] 10-22-2014

    Glotkin latest and WD details
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	glotkin.jpg 
Views:	671 
Size:	53.4 KB 
ID:	11586
    [URL=""]MajorWesJansen[/URL] says:
    Glotkin is indeed 2 books in a slipcase, like Nagash. Looked a tad thinner, like both books were about the same thickness. IIRC Nagash the fluff book is a lot thicker than the rules book.

    Pair of characters ride it, one combat that looks like the armored guy with the half horn head from the maggot beasts, the other is a more ragged looking caster type. Both named Glott. Model is on a much larger base than the maggotlords, probably the 150 by 100. Top of beast part of glottkin is about level with the top of the magot lord riders head, with riders and some horns makin it even taller. Not stompa sized, but I'd say somewhere between the orkanaut and imperial knight. My favorite part is the little nurgling on the base that looks like a mini-glottkin mount, with 1 squggly arm and 1 spike arm.

    No rules for glottkin included (likely because the book is released at the same time) but a battle report on fall of altdorf on a big table.

    Coming next week mentions respirators, so no clue what that is about. Spent most my time looking at the 2 nice new 40K bundles.
    via Warseer's [URL=""]Thorin [/URL]10-22-2014

    End Times II Plot Details
    -3 brothers, Ghurk (Beast), Ethrac (Sorcerer), Otto (Warlord)
    -Biggest kit yet for all Chaos armies, might be bigger than Nagash
    -2 head/hand options for Otto, aka helmeted/unhelmeted and holding a severed head/his own entrails
    -The brothers are NOT conjoined
    -Fluff: As their parents, peaceful Norscan farmers,were murdered by imperial troops, the three wanted to take revenge and took up their respective equipment, aka Scythe and Wizardry/Healing. Mutating into a giant-sized beast was just an addition for Ghurk.
    -The 3 nails put through a lot of stuff as already seen on the Maggoth Lords is the Glottkin's symbol
    -They're Archaon's "scouts" and were sent to kill Karl Franz and destroy Altdorf
    -No rules in the WD for them, sadly

    -Archaon still doesn't take action but rather sends Glottkin and Valkia to do his dirty work in the Empire/Naggaroth

    -New High Patriarch is called GregorMartak
    -Karl Franz is alive and has new rules in the Glottkin book, he's called somehthing along the lines of "The ascended Karl Franz" and can resurrect from the dead if killed in-game, though no word's given on how often. In another fluff text, he's called the "Mightiest fighter of the Forces of Light". Make of that what you wish.

    -Louen Leoncoeur is alive! Yes you read that right. He lives and now serves as a vassal to Gilles le Breton

    -The Glottkin book spans over half a year, from spring 2525, when Nagash is awoken and sends out his Mortarch Vlad to help the Empire, up to autumn 2525 and concludes in the attack on Altdorf, which happens at about the same time as the defeat of Settra at Nagash's hands and the downfall of Nehekhara. Basically the stories of "ET: Glottkin" and "ET: Nagash" are parallel.

    ET: Glottkin contains rules for a new game style called "Streets of Death" and includes rules for fighting in cities, e.g. Altdorf and Marienburg. Manning barricades and destroying buildings are just 2 features mentioned that come into play during the BatRep (which the Good Guys win actually).

    Also,there seems to be a new "Dominance of Chaos"-table in the Glottkin book that comes into effect during the Magic Phase, as it directly influences the winds of Magic in Chaos-y ways. The example from the BatRep was called "Oh Glorious Decay".
    The Limited Edition is only available in English and has a new magnetically closed case.
    via Harry over at [URL=""]Warseer[/URL] 10-24-2014

    Regarding further hints for the End Times - future of WFB hints:
    OK, here's one for you .....

    Chaos Vs "Humans".
    Quote Originally Posted by Tozudos a Dieces View Post
    I've just read The fall of Altdorf.


    At least fluff-wise, nothing's gonna be again the same. It all will change. All.
    You are not wrong there fella. That is what I have been saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludaman View Post
    Awesome! Thanks Harry! I may be way off, but that sounds like the contents of a new starter Box to me.
    We have been playing this game together for too many years.

    via [URL=""]Enkiel's Games Workshop addition[/URL] 10-29-2014
    Glottkin, Festus & Karl Franz details
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	B1IOg5yIQAARcgd.jpg 
Views:	858 
Size:	91.6 KB 
ID:	11659Click image for larger version. 

Name:	B1IOY1hIEAEoW1k.jpg 
Views:	933 
Size:	88.5 KB 
ID:	11660Click image for larger version. 

Name:	karl-franz.jpg 
Views:	879 
Size:	45.1 KB 
ID:	11662
    via [URL=""]L'Astropate[/URL] 11-2-2014

    [URL=""]End Times Rumors[/URL] 11-9-2014 (Black Library Weekender)

    via Warseer's Darnok:
    Now what if I tell you that 1.) the Elves ET book will come with no models alongside it and 2.) there will be two more ET books after it?
    Volume III: The Curse of Khaine (Scheduled for this year)
    Volume IV: Skaven Book
    Volume V: Unknown rumored final volume
    via the venerable (and accurate) [URL=""]75Hastings69[/URL] 11-9-2014

    Regarding future kits for the Warhammer End Times series:

    - Plastic vermin lord
    - Other Skaven stuff.

    Also it's been a long while but iirc there's still some as yet unreleased big kits:

    - a big dwarf Warmachine with smashy fists
    - a large angry looking statue type thing, possibly of elvish design?

    End Times III Teaser:

    Over 6,000 years ago an Elven prince was denied his birthright. Now he seeks to reclaim it. The bloodiest, most tragic war of the End Times is about to begin. Be here on Saturday the 22nd of November to find out more.
    And the "secret text"
    The flames await the phoenix, but the dragon stands against him.
    Hannimar via Warseer's video Observations: 11-17-2014

    Art at 0:08
    - look to the skies on the left side of the picture. Khaine battling Asuryan?
    - I think we can see Alith Anar on the cliff to the left.
    - clearly three Elven races are at war against each other.
    - centre-right. Is that Tyrion dueling against Malekith? Their helms look right, but Tyrion's sword doesn't look like Sunfang.

    Art at 0:19
    - Allarielle, Alith Anar, some shadow warriors and...?
    - Who are those Elves shown on the far right picture? Clearly we have an Asur, Asrai and Druchii.
    - Malus, Imrik and some Wood Elf plotting against their rulers?

    Art at 1:00
    - Malekith/Tyrion draws the Widowmaker or...
    - Khaine is shattered into pieces like in 40k and new shrines arise where Elves can pray for the Avatar to lead them at times of war? (more $$ for GW)
    via Felwether via Warseer 11-17-2014

    New WD just landed in. The book contains rules for characters including Malekith, Tyrion, Imrik, some chap called the Eternity King and The Avatar of Khaine.

    Apparently there are "amazing changes to how magic works in the End Times" and it looks like each lore gets a new spell, there's a preview in the magazine but I don't have time to type it out now.

    They talk about the lists in the magazine: There is the host of the phoenix king which seems to be a combined asur, asrai, druchii army under malekith and teclis and the aestyrion, who are loyal to tyrion.

    There is a third list mentioned but no details given other than: "in warhammer: Khaine there is, once and for all, an absolute winner in the war for the phoenix crown. The third army represents the elves that survive."

    pic via [URL=""]L'Astropate[/URL] 11-18-2014

    OK, so here are the tidbits revealed regarding the Elven Rhana Dandra (Their final battle)

    - Ulthuan is under attack by a Daemonic Horde

    - Naggaroth is under siege by Valkia's Khornate Hordes.

    - The Phoenix King is assassinated!

    - Malekith decides to abandon Naggaroth and invade Ultuahn in one last chance to claim the throne - with plenty of secret allies and double-dealing along the way.

    - Tyrion breaks under the pressure of defending Ulthaun , the betrayal of friends and family loss, and turns to the Widowmaker in an act of desperation. (Queue ominous music)

    And the final Elven Civil War is ON!

    Along the way:

    - Secret lore and ancient truths regarding the Elves are revealed

    - God die as their followers perish

    - The undead rise in Ulthuan

    - Tons of characters kick the bucket

    - Elith Anar shoots someone important

    - Someone wins the war once and for all - unifying what is left of the Elven race.

    Here is a picture of a shocking battleline to set the stage:

    Attachment 11812
    via [URL=""]conspiracynutt[/URL] 11-29-2014

    Order of book releases is
    -End times Skaven
    -End times Skaven (limited edition)
    -All of the above are at GW HQ.

    Anything else isn't printed yet so won't be out until late January as all books seem to be printed about 2 months before they are released.
    via Steve the Warboss 12-10-2014

    -The 4th End Times book will be the First Release for 2015, in early January.
    -The Book features Skaven and includes new rules for Battles in Dungeons.
    -End Times Book 5 will come later, possibly after the next Edition is released.
    via Steve the Warboss 1-10-2015

    The Climax of the End Times Series
    -5th and last Book in March
    -Title is Endtimes: Achaeon
    -More Chaos content, focus on Khorne
    via Steve the Warboss 1-11-2014

    End Times V Details

    -Archaon on Dragon / van Horstmann / Galrauch Box
    -Bloodthirster / two Characters Box
    -New Khornate Unit

    -Archaon is a Lvl 4 Caster
    -New Tzeentch Lore

    Original Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Hmm. Interesting.

    The apparent SC Blister would have to be someone new - I can't think of anything in the Chaos book that is missing a model, nor characters that particularly need an update.

    Of course that's not ruling anything out. Nagash brought us three new Undead characters after - the man himself, Neferata and Arkhan.

    We might see a plastic Hellcannon - lord knows the kit could be made more spangly!
    Well according to a rumour over on Faeit the next book has rules for some very old Chaos characters, namely: Arbaal the Undefeated, Valnir the Reaper, Egrimm van Horstmann and Aekold Helbrass. No idea if it's true or not, but in the old Storm of Chaos campaign (which this End Times is totally picking bits from) Archaon had 4 smaller chaos armies that split off from his main horde to raid and pillage and make it so that the Empire has to divide their forces to deal with them. Those 4 forces had generals that were just names, they never had models made for them. It would be much cooler to do the same sort of thing but bringing back some classic characters in the process. If so I'm hoping there's gonna be some rules for Dechala too.

    I recall when the new Warriors of Chaos book came out last year there was a lot of rumours then for a Chaos Dragon plastic kit with the option of it being Galrauch or having a special character mounted on it and yet it never turned up. Could it have been held back to be part of this I wonder?
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    Horstman and Helbrass would be awesome to see again
    Twelve monkeys, eleven hats. One monkey is sad.

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    Rumour is from Faeit though....

    Plus, isn't Horstmann dead?
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    never stops anyone

    given that Arkhan has been brought back, never rule out an old character.
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    True that.

    Still seems....odd to me.

    After all, where is the Slaanesh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    After all, where is the Slaanesh?
    That's why I'd want rules for Dechala, as she's a Slaanesh warlady about one step shy of full Deamonhood. Imagine a version of her, done in plastic about the size of the Dark Elf Medusa. A good character to have involved in the battles on Ulthuan and/or Naggaroth too given that she used to be an Elven Princess!
    Either there is life in the universe more intelligent than us, or we are the most intelligent form of life in the universe. Either way, it's a worrying thought!

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    That would indeed be cool. Though she was only rumoured to have been Elven to start with
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    I think it's a shame that hasn't been any word on any new beastmen releases yet. They feature in the Nagash book, but so far all the love seems to be going to the WoC. It does not look good for either of my armies, beastmen and brets.

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