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    Question Hector Rex - how would you field him in 7th edition?

    I asked FW if they were going to update his rules for 7th and they said "Bugger off" in no uncertain terms - so - how would you field this excellent model?

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    [url][/url] use this its his 6th ed rules. not much needs changed tbh except the default powers he has.

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    Indeed that has been my reference although thank you - The problem is that half the stuff on the sheet either doesn't exist or isn't relevant, warlord traits and psychic powers being the jump outs.

    I'm less concerned about following his rules than getting the model on the table in the best way possible, could proxy him for something with legal rules?

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    I was honestly surprised when codex Inquisition came out and FW didn't update him (or Lok) to be available as an HQ choice there too. Personally I would just use his rules, but make the warlord trait be objective secured and have him generate his psychic powers from Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Pyromancy, Telekinesis and Telepathy disciplines.

    As far as proxy, I could see just running him as a Malleus Inquisitor w/ terminator armor and a force sword.
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