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    Quote Originally Posted by slobulous View Post
    Can you tell me where this is actually substantiated in the rules? I don't see it clarified in the 7th ed rulebook or the new FAQs. I need my Tiggy to work properly!
    I mean, it's in his codex isn't it? He obviously rerolls for generating powers, does his other ability specify leadership checks?
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    Question: did you mean to remove fast from all the Blood Angels vehicles, or was that a copy paste error?

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    with regards to tigurius it is quite clear he re rolls failed psychic tests. same with a spell familiar. for a psychic test you roll x number of dice and get as many 4+ as possible. this allows you to reroll those dice if you don't get enough.

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    the one I want to know is how do shadows of the warp and Tzeentch daemon abilities interact with the new psychic phase. SoW= -3Ld to enemy psykers when casting and Tzeetch= +3 to Ld when casting.

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    I am a bit confused with the Space Wolves errata:

    a) Do Deny the Witch, Wolf Talisman and Runic Weapon stack again?

    b) Runic Weapon - seems GW can't count to 4: the 3rd sentence is replaced with "+1 to Deny the Witch"
    Runic weapon text:
    Sentence 1: Description
    Sentence 2: Description
    Sentence 3: Runic Weapons are force weapons
    Sentence 4: roll 4+ to cancel psychic powers in 24"
    Sentence 5: wounds Daemons on 2+
    Sentence 6: Daemonbane doesn't affect vehicles

    So the Runic Weapon is no longer a force weapon but even stronger vs. enemy psykers now? o.O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moriar52 View Post
    the one I want to know is how do shadows of the warp and Tzeentch daemon abilities interact with the new psychic phase. SoW= -3Ld to enemy psykers when casting and Tzeetch= +3 to Ld when casting.
    I believe that those simply would come into effect for perils checks. So SoW would give -Ld for Perils check, and +Ld for Tzeentch Perils check.

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    double post
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    Hey folks.

    Remember, this is intended as a repository for our outstanding questions, so we can all ask the same ones.

    Please keep any discussions to a separate thread. Exception being where an answer can be quoted from The Rules (like my one about FMC and Possession)
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    How do Eldar Runes of Warding Work. PLus +2 dice, +2 succeses or +2 to the rolls?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charistoph View Post
    Relentless and Heavy only consider Movement for this question. Shooting an Ordnance weapon is not Movement. They have no relation to each other.
    It actually does when the rule concerning Ordnance causing Snap Shots is in a rules section dealing with moving and shooting.

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    Not got a 7th rulebook yet but this could be interesting...

    Defensive grenades from units carried in open-topped vehicles... would make sense for the troops on-board to try and conceal themselves and their transport with smoke etc...

    6th was if the unit was targeted... well since all models may shoot out of and even assault out of it why not throw a couple of smoke grenades out too when being shot at.

    Normal rules apply such as 8" away etc.

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