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    If the model is to be looked at and will be used to showcase the look and expert finish of the model then it matters... if the model is for wargaming and might be that it is just painted three colours... No Sweat... Horses for courses!!! I agree though that the models shown off by GW should be perfect although their full units will have moulding lines due to the amount of painting required to keep full armies of every figure they produce... Though I would prefer to see their showcase figures i.e. those used on their store pages were finished and painted to a far better standard.

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    I remove lines, drill fire arms, fill gaps etc. If I see someone not do the same, it does come across as rather lazy, I mean I'm very busy but make the effort. If your a beginner - no worries, you'll learn. Worse though, is a lovely paint job OVER lines, that just fries my OCD.

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    I remove all the heavy visible mould lines on my Space Marines, this is mostly along the outer legs, inner lower legs, torsos outside arms surfaces and the helmets...

    The helmets are always the worse offenders for mould lines

    the guns mostly I limit to the barrel end, the back of the gun and the top surface as those are the most obvious lines...

    I don't really care about mould lines on very hard to file/scrape surfaces or in areas that won't get noticed (or even painted)

    Gunn Barrels, I intend to drill them out once I get round to getting the right size bit for it...

    I find that the mould lines in all the places I mentioned really stick out when you paint the figures, I know this because I got some Blackreach Marines off ebay, they were all basecoated black, and the lines were so visible, I HAD to get my needle file out straight away
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    I don't like mold lines. My older models make me cringe when I pull them out and see all of those seams.

    Undrilled barrels don't bother me though. Most gamers don't drill out nostrils either.
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    I try to remove as much of the mold lines as possible. I'm no professional, so I accept that there will probably be some visible marks left over. But apparently my eyesight sucks too, cause I always seem to find lines I missed while I'm painting. Sometimes I'm just too far along, and I would rather just ignore it and move on than try to fix it and wreck the painting I've already done. As for drilling out barrels, I don't do that. I just paint the black dot and be done with it.

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    For me, if it's coming from GW, I want it to be top-notch, a quality example of the hobby, which is why I voted yes. But if you're just playing me at a store, I honestly do not care that much.

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    The positioning of mild lines on GW kits has become much, much better over the years. The incidence of pieces of tubing with mold lines cutting across it was endemic but I've been generally impressed with the Knight.

    Maybe this discussion triggers the old question of "what is tabletop standard", I paint every mini to the best standard I can, troops or not, because I enjoy the modelling so much. If it was just basic standard painted minis I wanted I'd just pay someone to do it all for me

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    As someone getting back into modelling after 30 years I'm taking the stance that when I get to the point of looking at my work from right now, that's when I start going back and re-doing things.

    I already have candidates for after I'm done getting the first wave of my army TTR.

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