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    Default Mold lines left on models - a crime against humanity or no big sweat?

    Leafing through warhammer visions the other day I was genuinely surprised and disappointed that the level of model making (not painting) had dropped so much.

    Visible mold lines, undrilled barrels, two halves of guns or body parts not lined up.

    Basically I reckon it makes any model
    Look total crap regardless of the paint job. I must spend ten times the time eavy metal do to build a model, buffing off lines and getting a perfect finish before paint.

    Do you bother or...?

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    I like that they painted some figures up with it. I noticed it on the Bullgryns the other day. It shows younger/newer/less skill modelers that it's not a big deal. Now if they claim the models to be 'eavy Metal quality, then I'd expect them not to have the lines though.

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    mold lines and flash, are an abomination and modelers who repeatedly leave them should be flagellated

    gun barrels annoy me greatly though. guns cant shoot unless barrels are drilled.... WYSIWYG

    they are your models, do as you wish, but i cant stand them on my models, and sarcasm would command me to combat any bad rolls on my behalf with the WYSIWYG rule against un drilled guns LOL

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    Death to the offenders!

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    I understand that folks have different levels of skill and motivation when putting kits together but I think removed mould lines and drilled barrels generally make a miniature look twice as good.

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    I really hate it if there are still visible mold lines and undrilled barrels.... it's a no go for me. If someone else does it to their models, ok, each to their own, but it really makes a great paint job mediocre. It takes me quite long to paint a model and i would not think to ruin it with such things.

    Then again, i get slopy when it comes to basing XD

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    I'm with the "to each his own" crowd as far as personal armies and paint jobs goes.

    Anyone who's getting paid to assemble and paint a model for publication in a professional magazine deserves to be fired on the spot for such sloppiness, the fact that it's happening so regularly in Visions and White Dwarf tells me the editorial staff needs to be fired as well.

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    Eh, they’re not a big deal to me. Generally I try to scrape off mould lines when i see them, but i’m not particularly obsessed with getting it just right, and I don’t mind if my opponent is the same way.
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    For me the modelling part of the hobby is where I get the most enjoyment so it's important a mini looks as good as possible. I've always been taught that good preparation of a model, before any painting happens is essential because bad prep shows through and ruins the paint job, however good it is.

    I went on a very good airbrushing course for model diorama makers and we spent half the time using various levels of finger nail polishing grit getting mirror surfaces, invaluable tools for polishing off join lines between two halves.

    As I'm putting together a knight right now ( I might spend 10 hours on build) I can see what needs the most clean up and seeing that not done in WD makes the otherwise excellent knights frequently look a bit amateur. The gun barels and the rounded tops of the legs are especially evident in the pictures.

    Bad decals are evident as well, really obvious lines and bumps where the surface hasn't been prepped flat and a softener hasn't been used.

    Anyway, each to their own but it really grinds my (mechanicum) gears.

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    These days I remove mold lines and drill bolter holes every time.
    I sometimes look back at my earlier models and sigh...
    Never enough time to do nothing.

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