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    Lightbulb Fluffiest, most varied Inquisition based list using these models - can you help me?

    Hello - I like the fluff of 40K, especially the inquisition stuff far more than I like to win games so I'm looking for help building an interesting, varied list, that's still competitive, but has as much flavour as is possible. Think Blanchitsu stuff on a 1500-2000 point scale.

    I've been collecting miniatures for this purpose for years but haven't made very much headway in painting them, but I have got some very very rare models.






    In the images you can see:

    a Macharius vanquisher
    a Chimera
    5 GK Justicars
    around 15 servitors of different types
    1987 tech marines
    the squat tech marine WD subscriber model
    5 Eldar scouts
    every inquisitor / demon hunter model GW brought out give or take
    12 sisters, the crazy ones with chain swords
    around 25 Adeptus Arbites
    Hector Rex and retinue
    Inquisitor doors for a LandRaider, for a Chimera and a Rhino
    Psycannons for the original LR repressor
    Multible cherubs and seraphim

    New on sprue & not shown are:
    1 rhino
    1 Vindicator
    1 Repressor
    1 landraider
    1 Valkyrie 50% painted
    1 new imperial knight (essential)
    1 Chimera

    So - what would you do with all this given my aims for a fun fluffy army?

    Hugely appreciate all your help I'm floundering a bit here!

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    At first I thought that's a lot of tech marines :s lol

    To make a list with this lot you'll either need Coteaz (don't see him listed?) or some GK, IG troops...

    With Coteaz at best you could make a henchmen army, a lot of what you have could fit as henchmen but it's unlikely to be that competitive....

    As you have quite a bit of Sisters stuff too then probably Adeptus Sororitas with allied, Inquisition detachment and allied GK...+ the knight......

    Start off with the knight, the land raider and Coteaz and work it out from there.....

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    At present you have the models to field a Inquisitorial Detachment and 1-3 Warbands of 3-12 models each, plus transport options and the Freeblade Imperial Knight as an added Imperial Knight detachment

    I would suggest choosing one or more allied armies to field alongside the Inquisitors for scoring and objective purposes. Grey Knights if you want to up armor your force and include Assassins or additional inquisitors or to reflect an Ordo Maleus force. Sisters of Battle to go along with your Sisters Repentia if your looking for a more Ordo Hereticus force. Space Marines modeled as Deathwatch for an Ordo Xenos force. Or you could add Tempestus Scions for an inquisitorial retinue from Militarium Tempestus as a primary or allied detachment or even as a formation in combination with 1-2 of the above.

    Ultimately though you need more models to field either of the 4 above, I would probably start with Grey Knights and Tempestus Scions and add some Sisters and Deathwatch later.

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    Thanks for the replies guys really appreciate the pointers. I think the Sisters as the main force, with the Inq. detachment as allies and the knight on the side might be the most interesting and means I have to buy less models (as I have the living saint and own sisters + inq. digital codexes). I do have quite a few grey knight models, including the painted ones shown above, but they are a bit samey - all silver and gold of course, so the army doesn't look as varied as I'd like it to.

    I can always build other main forces to swop in and out, keeping the knight and Inq. and putting in deathwatch or Knights as required at a later date.

    So, given the Sisters + Inquisitors + Knight basics, are there specific units and sets of units anyone would recommend?

    Huge thanks in advance

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