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    Our mobility has always been our strength. I've been playing WE's since the fist time Durthu was around (we had just lost our chariot). It's always been about maneuverability, harassment, redirects and, combo charges. There is only so much you can do when attacked on multiple fronts.

    How do you deal with high toughness army's? How ever you want. If you aren't setting the tempo and picking the combats, or just having your opponent react to your moves... you probably maneuverability think most people forgot that, and that is a large reason why people were claiming that WE's were unplayable in 8th, but I still killed ogres, lizzys every time. We're not high elves, or dark elves and I think that the new book really lets us make the most of our army's maneuverability.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about to little punch by Wood Elves now. Sure, they cannot sport the same numbers of hard-hitting close combat attacks as HE or DE, but they definitely outshoot them. Enchanted arrows can wound T4 enemies on 4+, which neither HE nor DE can do. I actually like all the arrows! I really like how they gave WE an extra punch in forests, where they are as good as DE and HE combined. With enough woodland around, I see WE very strong. They do suffer a little bit out in the open, which is perfectly fine. Very fluffy! Still need to see the final army book myself, but so far, well done GW!

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    The fact that they also gave them the rules to have enough woodland is great too
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    Acorn looks like it will be a popular choice allowing multiple woods, which you could choose, venom thicket will be a great choice for eternal guard and wildwood rangers, or abyssal wood for everything else.

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    So what Special characters are in it?

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    Lords - Orion, Durthu, Araloth
    Heroes - Drycha, Sisters of Twilight (Naestra & Arahan)

    That's it.
    Armies - Skaven, Tomb Kings, Eldar, Iron Snakes, Dark Eldar, Retribution, & Legion
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    So... light mage on unicorn + warhawk riders seems interesting. The lore attribute giving them a nice little wound bank will add quite a bit of survivability to the unit.

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    It would have to be just the one Warhawk Rider to work (not that you can take them in units of less than three). Flying units consisting of more than one model are Skirmishers, and characters on mounts cannot join Skirmishers.

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    Another rule that I can't help but laugh at. Shooting at skirmishers -1 because they are spread out, shooting at lone character with nobody near them = no problem. Shoot a canon at a fence and the ball stops, shoot it through a forest of fences... yeah that's fine.

    Thanks for the clarification on the flyers being skirmish, and mounted characters not being able to join them.

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    Overall i think book is quit good. Nice rank&file infantry, hard hitting but fragile cavalery. Pitty driads and big trees are weaker, i dont think there will be many tree spirits in competitive lists.

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