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    Default Cosplay/Project Rules of the Road

    There have been enough of these costume related threads popping up that it is clear Cosplay is now "a thing" and needs it's own home.

    This sub-forum is for any and all wargaming cosplay pictures, videos and such stuff you think is cool, as well as for any of your own costume/props projects and wargaming crafts.

    If you are working on anything from a bolt-pistol, to a suit of Terminator Armor, A Warjack, or a Star Wars costume, have at it.

    Want some advice or want to share tips on how to craft these types of costumes - then welcome to your new home

    If you find some costume that is great online, share it here.

    A NOTE: NOTHING ADULT (you know what I'm talking about), and keep it wargaming related. Let's keep the ickiness to a minimum please ladies and gentlemen.
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