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    Question Bespoke, fitted painting desks and storage - any great examples or ideas?

    Hi folks - my wife finally got fed up with my modelling corner and told me to tidy it all up or get rid of it all - maybe this is the motivation I need to paint properly!

    Currently it looks like this:

    and I'd much rather it looked like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    With doors on the front.

    Few features I think I'll need -

    • Lockable doors up to about 4ft so the kids can;t get in
    • Built in extractor so I can airbrush safely
    • Lighting - lot's and lots of lighting
    • rack space for paints, GW pots and vallejo airbrush
    • draws for tools, pots, potions and various dangerous chemicals
    • Space for storing board games (see pic) and minaitures in battlefoam
    • all enclosing front so when it's all shut, it looks like normal furniture
    • Enough space to expand!

    So - what I'm looking for is advice and ideas

    • Have any of you done this before?
    • Any idea what are must have features?
    • Any examples of really great self contained desks you've seen elsewhere?
    • Anythign else?
    • Any idea what it might cost?

    Huge thanks in advance

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    Currently my hobby area looks like this:


    My wife just keeps the door closed.

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    She thinks that's not tidy? Holy crud. that puts mine to shame. My wife would be happy if mine looked that organized.

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    Ah the benefits and drawbacks of having children I'm afraid! Can't have teeny tiny choking hazards or hazardous chemicals available to small hands, plus there's always the nagging feeling that I'd be more likely to paint if everything was well organised and available when I had a few minutes!

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    You have an awesome board game collection.
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    Cheers! I really like to have a good collection, they're so much easier to get people to play that wargames and it takes a bit less time to set up, that said my heart belongs to little plastic kits. I have a board games night once a week at my house and hoping to have wargames once a week as well, part of the reason I need this set up properly is so I can store a realm of battle without taking up half the house.
    The dimensions of the alcove itself are:

    width - 1040mm
    height - 2565mm
    depth - 380mm

    Ideally I'd like to display but I;'ve also lost that argument, the 2,000 books are out, no room for the models as well! (shame)

    I would ideally like to bring the whole thing out further than the depth of the alcove but have been told that's not allowed... So instead I can bring the bottom part out further than the depth of the alcove - probably 700mm which is how far the bureau folds out to.

    A fold down work surface comes down to reveal the main work area and rests on the storage units underneath.

    I've already got some lighting built under the top shelf which has some lighting to spotlight the paints, but it's no good for painting work as it's too far back. I thought I could make short draw that pulled out above the main work are and had strip lights built into it, would mean I could get rid of the spot light I hope as it's bloody ugly...

    Any pictures of anyone's set up would be awesome

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