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    Default Come the Apocalypse!

    Apocalypse Rumor Roundup

    Existing Rumors 6-1-2013
    New Apocalypse slated for July 2013

    Rumored models are:

    A large Imperial Walker, (smaller than a warhound titan)
    Possible Chaos Variant (might have been mistaken for the Lord of Battles)

    Missing plastic models known to be created but possibly held back for the Apocalypse release:
    -Eldar Bomber
    -Eldar "large hover tank"
    -IG Hydra
    -IG Medusa/Colossus
    -Tyranid Harpy

    Latest Rumors 6-2-2013
    A Chaos Khorne Lord of Battles:
    -A large chaos vehicle from EPIC with a large tracked body, and a giant mechanical torso of a warrior of khorne. One hand holds a colossal chain axe, the other is a large gatling barrelled weapon. A gigantic daemon engine on par with a scout titan.

    A large flying Necron "Megalith"
    -An oversized Monolith shaped vehicle on a flying stand that can "open up" into its four corners, with internal attachments to reveal a central spherical set of internal machinery.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    First sighting of the new White Dwarf .

    Via Warseer's The Dark General 6-5-2013
    It's a dual kit approx size of baneblade box, but taller model. Makes either the Deathdealer or Lord of Battles.

    Also there's a bunch of new data sheets, inlcuding some for those of us that bought multiple NEW models

    It's also NOT the only Chaos models coming out, along with a few other Khorne...speedy guys...

    Approx price is $125

    via Warseer's BramGaunt 6-8-2013
    1st: There is a new rulebook, if anyone still questioned that. Complete overhaul. The scale of additional shenanigans will be the same as with a regular rulebook, as well as limited items. Probably a collectors- and a gamers edition aswell (allthough I am only guessing that!).

    2nd: The kits we have seen so far cover all the miniatures there will be for now (Khorne "Skulldozer" and Necron "Monolith of Doom + 2D6"). However, there are three new pieces of terrain, which apperantly are of apocalyptic size. A different source told me of a 'commad citadel' behind which the Wraithknight could easily hide.

    3rd: Releasedate is the 13th of July, with Preorders starting the 29th (with the new WD, as usual). This is GW's big release this year.
    Latest Rumors 6-13-2013
    via Best_Pone
    Let's see now...
    You've already seen the Chaos and Necron superheavies.
    You'll also get some fortifications - giant gun/missile emplacements and the like. These are also designed to hook up with the Wall of Martyrs terrain.
    As well as the Apocalypse rulebook, there's also a collector's edition and a gamer's edition.

    via Opatija
    got some quick information about the upcoming release. It┤s "just" what the employees were told, which in some cases is not very reliable:

    - Apocalyspe is mostly about formations with some minor benefits for the "units"
    - There will be at least 2 waves for mini supply (Some of the missing miniatures will be released when their own 6th codex is)
    - Each army is going to get a super heavy, beeing asked about such a huge release, they were told to keep the Allied Forces in mind, leaving Tyranids aside (speculated as an Imperial/SM Multipart kit) which will hit at around 125,-€ (It┤s quite possible that the Chaos thing and the Monolith are the only ones! And Baneblades/Shadowswords are accessable via Allied Forces!)
    - A large/multi part piece of Terrain fitting to the "Martyrs"-Line (80,-€/50,-€/30,-€)

    All in all even the Employees are not very excited for the release so better don't expect to much when reading the rumours about those gigantic Release-Wave(s)
    Latest Rumors 6-16-2013
    via Best_Pone
    Has anyone mentioned the company masters yet? Marine players are getting some more of the company masters. I believe they're the masters of the reserve companies.
    Latest Rumors 6-18-2013 via [URL=""]Warseer's Old-four-Arms[/URL]
    on the GW site in the description of the Imperial Bunker :

    "The Imperial Bunker can be combined with the Wall of Martyrs scenery range including the Imperial Defence Line,
    Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt, Vengeance Weapon Battery, and the Imperial Defence Emplacement. The only
    limit to how big your Wall of Martyrs set can be is your imagination (and probably the size of your gaming table)."

    Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt and Vengeance Weapon Battery could be the 3 new apoc terrain pieces...
    The First Apocalypse Teaser Trailer is here:
    6-29-2013 for pre-orders

    via Dakka Dakka:
    WARHAMMER 40000: APOCALYPSE (ENGLISH) Other Book 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $90.00 $74.25
    IMPERIAL TARGETING TEMPLATES Hobby Product 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $30.00 $25.00
    KHORNE LORD OF SKULLS Plastic Box 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $190.00 $160.00
    IMPERIAL GUARD BANEBLADE Plastic Box 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $170.00 $140.00
    NECRON TESSERACT VAULT Plastic Box 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $190.00 $160.00
    WALL OF MARTYRS: VENGEANCE WEAPON BATTERY Plastic Box 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $60.00 $50.00
    WALL OF MARTYRS: FIRESTORM REDOUBT Plastic Box 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $80.00 $65.00
    WALL OF MARTYRS: AQUILA STRONGPOINT Plastic Box 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD $140.00 $115.00
    SPACE MARINE CPTN: MASTER OF THE MARCHES Finecast Clam 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Splash $30.00 $22.25
    SPACE MARINE CAPTAIN:MASTER OF THE RITES Finecast Clam 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Splash $30.00 $22.25
    SPACE MARINE CAPTAIN: MASTER OF RELICS Finecast Clam 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Splash $30.00 $22.25
    SPACE MARINE CAPTAIN: LORD EXECUTIONER Finecast Clam 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Splash $30.00 $22.25
    APOCALYPSE STRATEGIC ASSET CARDS (ENG) Hobby Product 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Limited $16.00 $15.00
    BOMBARDMENT DICE CUBE Hobby Product 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Limited $36.00 $30.00
    VORTEX GRENADE TEMPLATE Hobby Product 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 RTD Limited $16.00 $15.00
    WH40K: APOCALYPSE - COLLECTORS EDITION Other Book 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 D Limited $300.00 $250.00
    WH40K: APOCALYPSE - GAMER'S EDITION 29-Jun-13 13-Jul-13 D Limited $300.00 $250.00

    Prices are Canadian and US.
    via Librarian Harker 6-27-2013
    Khorne Lord Of Skulls
    888 points F13 S13 R11 HP9 WS4 BS3 St10
    Has a destroyer melee weapon and a hellstorm weapon that causes instant death and another which fires a strength 9 apocalyptic blast

    Necron Tesseract Vault
    No details on the armor and points, but it will have six weapons systems to choose from one of which can fire 6D6 St8 AP 3 shots per turn. Looks like its not a flyer as a group of Deathwing knights are able to destroy it in hand to hand in the battle report. The vault contains a unit called the transcendent C'Tan who can be removed from the vault and used as a unit in their own right, but that can be dangerous for the necrons as well as their enemies.

    Necron Obilisk
    An alternative to the tesseract vault, looks like it is a flyer and has an ability called a gravitational pulse that automatically hits flyers.

    Stormlord & Stormsword
    Both remain the same, but have had a slight drop in points. Stormlord is now 490, Stormsword is 485.

    Other Items
    Other things are, the apocalyptic barrage has changed completely, and is now 5 blast makers linked together. Formations look quite good, as a group of librarians are now able to call in a vortex, and using battle companies gives you an orbital bombardment. There is a formation for three heldrakes that allows them to make a pregame vector strike.

    Fortifications look great, the vengeance weapon battery gives you tow turrets, that can have either a punisher chaincannon, or a leman russ battle cannon. Firestorm Reboubt gives you two twin linked quad lascannons, and the aquila strongpoint you can have a macro cannon, or a bay of vortex missiles. Both are used to great effect in the battle report.
    via Faeit 212 6-28-2013
    Two formations from the White Dwarf:

    Grey Knight Extermination Force
    Consists of 3 Stormravens and a Dreadknight
    The Dreadknight marks the target, and the Stormravens automatically hit it

    Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad
    Consists of 3 Wraithknights or More?
    They become energized by the more Wraithknights in the formation, becoming more accurate with shooting and in close combat, also increases to movement and charging.
    via BoLS Comments 6-28-2013
    Lord of Battles
    I have the white dwarf in front of me. They have done away with Structure Points, and now everything has Hull Points. It has 9 HP, as done the Baneblade and it's variants. For every HP lost, it gets an extra attack PERMANENTLY, even if you repair the HPs that are lost. So potentially have 10 attacks base with a strength D axe is a pretty brutal possibility. It can also Tank Shock using a new table referred to as the Thunderblitz Table, but no idea yet what that all encompasses. It also has the following special rules:

    Daemon, Daemonforge, Fleet, It Will Not Die, and Rage
    via [URL=""]Darog[/URL] 7-01-2013
    Scoring is done based on the number of strategic objectives controlled each break and at the end of the battle.

    There are six new scenarios to play and several dozen Strategic Assets, which allow you to outmanoeuvre your foes, place minefields
    in front of them or bombard them from orbit. Unnatural disasters erupt across the warzoneo magma storms fall from the sky while seismic explosions rip apart the battlefield. Your Warlords can even perform heroic acts during the game, which could potentially turn the tide of battle. lust make sure they don't get killed while doing it there's nothing quite so tragic as having your commander blown to bits in their
    finest hour.

    Studio's Tesseract Vault and the Obelisk: both of the Vaults have the Seismic Assault Ascendant Power
    (you've got to give them two out of a list of six, and all of them are truly nasty), which unleashes a massive 6D6 S8 AP3 shots per turn (new apoc barage).
    The Obelisk: its Gravity Pulse ability automatically hits enemy nyers in both shooting phases.

    Having a whole Battle Company gives you some major advantages, such as a bonus Orbital Strike
    Strategic Asset and the Comrades-in-Arms rule, which enables all squads in the Battle Company to fire overwatch for nearby allies when they are assaulted.

    Riptide Wing: 3+ Riptides gains Coordinated Attacks and Networked Reactors

    Transcendent C'Tan (no rules listed)

    WraithKnight Dreamwalker Squad: 3-5 Wraithknights. Gains Dreamwalk (fluff mentions faster response times)

    Baneblade: 525 pts (with no sponsons), can take 2 sets of sponsons for 50pts a pair (lost option for flamer sponsons and option for extra armor), commisar tank upgrade for 45pts, and command tank upgrade for 200pts. HK/Stubber/SB all as guard codex

    Librarius: five+ Librarians, will unleash a Force Vortex. Woe betide anyone who is caught in that!

    Predator Assassin Squadron: Three new Predator Annihilators should be a match for most armoured
    targets (their killshot rule makes their firepower even more dangerous than usual. making them fire as a D-weapon if all their lascannons hit). At the start of the game I have to nominate a chosen target and they do a lot better against that (all weapons are twin-linked), but as long as I choose the right formation for the right targets, they will be deadly.

    Legionnaire Warband: units have Hatred and be Fearless, so long as they're within 12" of a Space Marine. Warlord may call Finest Hour. So Death Guard with Typhus get Feel No Pain and Fearless.

    Heldrake Fear Squadron: pre-game Vector Strike, as well as its 'always-on ' Daemonforge.

    Strategic Assets:
    Crusade Banner: Pick a Marine standard bearer, all marine units with models within 24" gain FNP

    Camouflage: any army. Pick a friendly HQ unit. Friendly units within 24" of that model have shrouded the first turn of the game

    Blind Barrage: The same

    Trophy Kill: Strategic Asset rewards us with three extra victory points if we can kill the enemy Warmaster.

    Entropic Plague: Strategic Asset, which, on the turn I use it, strips every model within 3D6" of my Warlord of its armour save. Very nice indeed.
    via MajorWesJanson on Warseer 7-3-2013


    Imperial Guard:

    79 Baneblade
    80 Banehammer
    81 Banesword
    82 Catachan Ambush Patrol
    83 Doomhammer
    84 Emperor's Fist Tank Company
    85 Emperor's Talons Recon Company
    86 Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company
    87 Hellhammer
    88 Imperial Shield Infantry Company
    89 Imperial Sword Heavy Weapon Company
    90 Lord Castellan's Supreme Command
    91 Sanctioned Psyker Battle Elite
    92 Shadowsword
    93 Steel Fury Baneblade Company
    94 Stormlord
    95 Stormsword

    Space Marines:

    96 Battle Company/ Reserve Company (Tactical/Assault/Devastator)
    97 Fellblade?
    98 First Company Veterans
    99 Librarius
    100 Masters of the Chapter
    101 Prediator Assassin Squadron
    102 Scout Company
    103 Imperial Fists Titanhammer Squad
    104 Thunderhawk?

    Blood Angels:

    105 The Black Rage
    106 Lucifer Armoured Task Force
    107 Wings of Sanguinius

    Space Wolves:

    108 Space Wolf Great Company
    109 Space Wolf Librarius
    110 Brethren of the Great Wolf
    111 Wolfpack Flanking Force

    Dark Angels:

    112 Deathwing Redemption Force
    113 Ravenwing Huntmasters

    Grey Knights:

    114 Brothers of the Flame
    115 Dreadknight Brethren
    116 Extermination Force

    Imperial Nvay/Titans:

    117 Reaver Titan? Marauder Bomber?
    118? Warhound Titan

    Chaos Space Marines:

    119 Cult of Destruction
    120 Heldrake Fear Squadron
    121 Lord of Skulls
    122 Legionaire Warband
    123 Lords of the Black Crusade
    124 The Lost and Dammed
    125 Thousand Sons War Coven
    126 Tide of Spawn
    127 Cohort of Blood

    Chaos Daemons:

    128 The Flaming Host of Tzeentch
    129 The Great Promenade of Exquisite Excess
    130 The Tallymen of Nurgle
    131 Tetragon of Darkness


    133 Battlewagon Steamrolla Squad
    134 Burna-Bommer Skwadron
    135 Da Bully Boyz
    136 Dread Mob
    137 Big Mek Stompa?
    138 Stompa
    139 Gargantuan Squiggoth?
    140 Green Tide
    141 Battlefortress?


    142 Cobra?
    143 Cloudstrike Squadron
    144 Farseer Council
    145 The Phoenix Court of Khiane
    146 Phantom Titan
    147? Revenant Titan
    148 Scorpion
    149 Vampire?
    150 Sunstorm Squadron
    151 Wraithknight Dreamwalker Squad
    152 Windrider Host

    Dark Eldar:

    153 Carnival of Pain
    154 Dark Olympiad
    155 Kabalite Web Strike
    156 Ravager Titan Hunters
    157 Sickle Squadron
    158 Void Dragon Phoenix? FW website blub says they frequently work with dark eldar.


    159 Barbed Heirodule?
    160 Carnifex Crusher Brood
    161 Endless Swarm
    162 Harridan?
    163 Heirophant Bio Titan?
    164 Living Fortress
    165 Subterranean Swarm
    166 Vanguard Infestation
    167 Scythed Heirodule?
    168 Spore Chimney?


    169 Acquisition Phalanx
    170 Baleful Necropolis
    171 Infinite Phalanx
    172? Obelisk
    173 Pylon?
    174? Tesseract Vault
    175 The War Council of Mandragora
    176? Trancendent C'tan

    Tau Empire:

    177 Air Superiority Wing
    178 Counterstrike Cadre
    179 Kroot Hunting Pack
    180 Optimised Stealth Group
    181 Rapid Insertion Force
    182 Riptide Wing
    183 Skysweep Missile Defence
    184 Tigershark?
    185 Tigershark AX-1-0 Mentioned in the Air Superiority Wing


    ?? Grand Redoubt (Apoc level Firestorm Redoubt?)
    ?? Macro-cannon Aquilla Strongpoint
    ?? Vortex Missile Aquilla Strongpoint

    4 are missing still, with two possibly being the
    ?? Marauder Bomber (Pages 117 and 118 are tricky, as the Warhound is confirmed, the Reaver has a 2 page spread of the model, and Marauder was in the first Apoc book, but there are only 2 pages of space.)
    ?? Marauder Destroyer

    via [URL=""]Loken[/URL] 7-7-2013
    1) What Titans are in the book?

    Phantom, Revenant. Imperial Reaver and Warhound. Harridan and Hierophant Bio-titan for tyranids. The imperial reaver and warhound are in the warzone armageddon section, so maybe there's some more in the limited edition warzone?

    2) What about Flank March?

    Use this strategic asset when an Apocalypse Formation enters play from strategic reserve. That formation may enter play from any table edge.

    3) Explain how Super Heavy Vehicles work.

    Structure points are removed, only Hullpoints now, but for old models 1 structure is 3 hullpoints. They're immune to shaken/stunned/weapon destroyed/immobilised. An explode result removes an extra D3 hull points. When it loses the last hull point it always explodes, there's a table with how bad the explosion is. Basically:

    Roll a D6

    1= D/4/2 AP2/4/6
    2-3= D/8/4 Ap2/3/5
    6=D/10/5 AP2/3/4

    I'll explain why there are so many numbers. You use the 15" template for this. for the the inner circle (5"), 2nd circle you use 2nd (5"-10") and last number for 10"-15"

    There are some weapons that work like that aswell.

    Movement 6", walkers 12".

    4) Explain the Destroyer Weapons Table.

    You roll on the table instead of rolling to wound or armour penetration. No saves of any kind (even invulnerable, Feel No Pain or Necron Reanimation Protocols) can be taken against them now.

    vs vehicles D6 roll:

    1= target suffers penetrating hit.
    2-5 Super heavies lose D3+1 hull points, other normal vehicles suffer
    Explode! result.
    6= as above but D6 +6 hull points lost for super heavies.

    vs non-vehicle D6 roll:

    1= avoid shot
    2-5 model loses D3+1 wounds (I like this as monstrous creatures can
    survive 2 or 3 shots now so daemons and tyranids will be happy)
    6= D6+6 wounds

    The last table count for gargantuan creatures as well.
    Via Loken 7-8-2013 [URL=""]Apocalypse Formations[/URL]

    More insight into the new Apocalypse Rulebook.

    Formations do not cost anything to include and they're split into sections, which are:

    Armoured Spearheads
    Flyer Wings
    Battle Formations (this is the old basic formation type)
    High Commands
    Massive fortifications
    Psychic Choirs
    Super-heavy vehicles/walkers/flyers and Gargantuan Creatures/Flying

    Armoured Spearheads are for vehicles, there 3 formations you can do and each one gives the vehicles a special rule. For example if you place 5 predators side by side with the front forming a straight line they would be in "broadsword" formation and gain preferred Enemy.

    Flying Wings are the same, just with flyers

    High Commands: Models in this are treated as 1 unit, examples of this is the phoenix court of khaine where you have the avatar and the 6 phoenix lords in 1 unit, or masters of the chapter where you can have 1 chapter master, 0-1 honour guard, 4-10 captain all in 1 unit (and they cant leave even if they're independent characters). Once per game you also can get another strategic asset per high command. They can also order an all-out attack, which makes a single unit triple it's movement but cannot shoot or tun, but can assault.

    Massive Fortifications are obviously the ones we saw, some have an AV of 15!

    Psychic Choirs have a special psychic power that they can use and pool all of their warp charge points. Theres a different table instead of perils of the warp if you mess up on this power though, wont spoil everything but lets just say some big daemons can come out...

    Super Heavy Vehicles can use a ram/tank shock attack called thunderblitz, has its own table, can run over models and hit vehicles hard.

    Super heavy walkers cannot overwatch even against other super heavy walkers or gargantuan creatures, same applies vice versa. Walkers and gargantuan creatures have a different "stomp" attack now. They get D3 stomp attacks and each stomp is a 3"blast marker, 1st one touching the walker, then other within 3" etc. There's a table to decide what happens under each stomp, for example on a 6 all normal non vehicles models are removed from play so getting up close can be a bit riskier now, although the 2-5 result is a S6 ap4 hit. can stomp normal vehicles too, the 6 result is fun.

    Super Heavy Flyers cannot evade and are destroyed the same way as the super heavy vehicle (not the crash and burn rules for normal flyers).

    Finest Hour

    Each warlord can use this once per game, it's like a warlord trait but much more pwerful, also for that turn he'll have a 3+ inv save and eternal warrior but if you do lose him in that turn the opponent scores 1 strategic victory point. There's 3 tables to roll on to see what he gets. For Space marines and the chaos ones theres a table with all the different 1st founding chapters, all of them have a different ability which is a really great (it's called Sons of the Primarch instead of the finest hour)

    Divine Intervention

    Another table... this one is split depending on the gods or something close for others (hive mind, greater good etc), so the emperor for imperium, gork and mork for orks etc. These events have a trigger component so for example for the imperium, it triggers when you lose half of your army, all units will then gain Furious charge and fearless and effects lasts until his next turn.

    Void Shields

    Void shields work differently now. Instead of the roll per structure point left you now roll for each void shield that's collapsed and on a 5+ you regain it. You roll at the end of your turn.
    via Warseer's Engrimm 7-8-2013
    Barbed Hierodule is in at pg159, pg 117 is a photo of grey knights, pg 118 is a small introduction for Chaos (there's a page like this for imperium, chaos, orks, eldar with dark eldar etc so some missing pages are just text).

    Eldar titan holo-fields: Before rolling for damage (including the destroyer table, so yes they work vs D weapons) you roll a D6 per hit so see if it hits the titan or the holo-field image. If it moved it hits on 4+, if it didnt hits on 3+. Same thing for he revenant. Phantom is pages 146-147, revenant 148-149 if you want to update the list

    Apocalypse Fortifications
    The aquila strongpoint can be armed with macro cannon or vortex missile (it isnt remove everything it touches anymore although still powerful). They cost quite a bit, AV15 all sides. Macro cannon can fire in 2 way, 1st is 2 D shots large blast, 2nd apocalyptic megablast at S10/7/5 Ap1/4/6 (1st number for the 5" at the centre, 5-10" 2nd, 10-15" 3rd). this shot also has a sonic boom rule, which affects flying stuff in the patch of the shell, not going to go into more detail as the mods will kick me out soon

    Titan Optional Weapons
    Can you please just confirm if Titans pay extra points for different weapons or as current they swap them out for free.
    For old models like the reaver/phantom titans etc it's still free to choose. Others like the tesseract vault/transcendant c'tan have to pay for their weapons, so maybe newer models will be following this example. The D weapon for the c'tan is hellstorm template, and it isnt the highest points cost ability that he gets, there's 2 that cost more.

    The tesseract vault chooses 2 powers (weapons) from 6. if you deploy the transcendent C'tan on it's own (which counts as a gargantuan creature) you choose 1 power from 3, and 2 weapon powers from 6 again. C'tan outside of vault costs more than being inside. So buying the tesseract vault to field it as the Obelisk and tanscendent c'tan is quite a bargain in my opinion as you'ed be going very close to 1k points with just 1 purchase.
    via Engrimm at [URL=""]40K Apocalypse[/URL] 7-8-2013
    What are the scenarios?
    There's 6 in the normal part, + 3 more for warzone: Armageddon.

    All armies on the same side are treated as Allies. Armies from the same codex but commanded by different players are considered battlebrothers. Armies that according to the allies matrix ally are "come the apocalypse" count each other as desperate allies. It doesnt say that you HAVE to use the allies matrix in fact it says "alternatively" for when you cant decide which players are put in which team.

    FOC and Scoring Units
    Biggy: No force organization chart, in fact something which I forgot to mention, ALL units are scoring, even HQ everything.

    What is the book's definition of a "break"?
    Exactly as it sounds, it's a lunch break etc, in their example there were 2 breaks, so scoring is done 1 startegic victory point per objective 1st break, 2 points for the 2nd break, and 3 points at the end.

    What do you get bonus wise for fielding the Space Wolf Formations, ie Great Company and such.
    Great Company: stubborn for all.
    All models in the formation re-roll their charge moves and re-roll to hit rolls on overwatch.
    x1 per game start of assault phase all within 18" of the wolf lord/Ragnar gain furious charge and fleet.

    Librarius: 5 Runepristes is the same as 5 Llibarians: They're a psychic choir formation (see the blog post from Loken for more info) and get a choir power. Warp charge 4, 24", S, Ap1, Heavy 1, large blast, Vortex. Vortex doesnt destroy everything like it used to, it's a normal D weapon but the blast stays on the table and scatters 2D6 each turn, on a double it disappears. In the case of this power though when it dispappears the game will start using the Seismic explosion rules as the vortex buries itself into the plant's surface.

    Brethren of the Great Wolf, which contains logan, njal, ulrik, arjac, bjorn and 1 wolf guard pack. It's a high command formation, wolf guard needs to have the banner of the great wolf which within 24" all have Furios charge. Formation has fear and all space wolves on the table have stubborn. Then all characters in the formation can all do the finest hour/sons of primarch buff not just one, but all at the same turn so it's a mega strong unit for that turn.

    Wolfpack Flanking Force, wolflord on wolf/canis wolfborn, 2+ thunderwolf units, 5+ fenrisian wolve packs. Acute senses, hit and run, outflank, rage and can charge in the turn they arrive from reserves

    Lord Castellan's Supreme Command.
    Lord Castellan Creed includes him, Kell, a company command squad and an Imperial bastion. When his unit is in the bastion he can issue orders to units anywhere on the table. The master of ordnance can make D3+1 artillery bombardments instead of 1. The formation is a high command formation, so you receive 1 extra strategic asset normally in the break, in Creed's case though you receive 2 assets.

    Lords of the Black Crusade,
    Lord of the Black Crusade is Abaddon and Kharn, Ahriman, Lucius, Typhus or lords with mark of khorne instead of Kharn etc. High Command Formation. They can all use the finest hour/sons of primarch at the same turn.
    The planet killer: once per game you can have Abaddon's flagship start bombarding so from now on you start using the Magma Storm Unnatural Disaster table. You are the master of disaster as long as abaddon is alive. Basically there's a table you roll on and it affects everybody, but if you're the master of disaster you're the one that begins applying the results. so if you get a result to do D3 blasts and you roll a 3, the master of disaster places the 1st one, then your opponent, then the master, so yoou have that advantage when you roll an odd number.

    The Lost and The Damned
    Lost and the Damned: 1 Dark Apostle, 6+ chaos cultist units. Gain inflitrate. After each break you can return a single unit of cultists. All cultists in the formation have feel no pain and furious charge.

    Legionnaire Warband
    Legionnaire Warband: When in close combat with any loyal space marine they re-roll to hit every round of combat. And if they're within 12" of loyal space marines they get fearless. That's the only rule.

    Sons of Grimaldus
    They all get feel no pain, all dword brethren gain fearless and hatred(orks). When charging any unit from codexrks they gain furious charge. This formation is from Warzone :Armageddon so that's why it's themed against the orcs.

    Black Templars
    Black templars have 2 formations in Warzone armageddon, one's for Land Raider Crusaders and the other for a company style.

    Dark Eldar
    Dark Eldar formations are incredibly great in my opinion. There's 5 of them. I'll detail two of them:

    Ravager Titan Hunters: Armoured spearhead formation. Any ravager within 6" of the command vehicle (including the command vehicle) gets shrouded. The command vehicle has a shadow ray weapon in addition to the normal stuff. You shoot it before you shoot the rest of the dark lances. If it hits then any subsequesnt hits by any ravager in the formation will ignore the effect of Void shield, power fields AND eldar titan holo-fields. Range for the shadow ray is 36".

    Dark Olympiad. 1 succubus or lelith, 0+ hekatrix bloodbrides, 2+ wyches units, 1+ hellions, 0+ beastmasters, 1+ reavers. The beastmasters and the beast gain the efffects of combat drugs. With this formation you roll twice on the combat drugs table and apply BOTH. if you have duke sliscus you roll 3 dice and choose 2. Whenever anything from this formation gets a pain token you can give a free extra pain token to anything within 24".

    Thunderhawk Gunship
    Thunderhawk costs 215 points less, but to get the turbo laser it's 90 points. AV is 12 12 10 (-2 from the rear) and Hull points is 9 only (would have been 12 normally). Has power of the machine spirit.

    Tigershark isnt in the book, as you said it's just been updated in IA3-2nd so there's no units in the book other than formations for Tau.
    The riptide wing contains 3+ riptides. Any riptide that shoots on a unit that another riptide has already shot at gets +1BS. Each Riptide within 6" of another riptide can re-roll Nova reactor tests.

    Hierophant: is 250 points cheaper. Bio-cannon is assault 6, and he also has a 6+ inv save.

    Vanguard infestation: 3+ genestealer broods, 3+ lictors (can be deathleaper). On the turn they arrive from reserve all enemy units within 36" use their lowest LD. All unit are deployed like the lictor's Chameleonic skin, even the genestealers

    Living Fortress: 2 Hive Tyrants (can be Swarmlord), 3 tyrant guard, 3 hive guard. Feel no pain for all. Any tyranids within synapse range of a hive tyrant from this formation has the preferred enemy and counter attack rules.
    If they're attacked by a shooting attack they can form a Fortress of Chitin. They get shrouded and add +! to there armour saves but the formation moves as if iin difficult terrain next turn. Btw this is a High Command formation, so extra asset
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    Sure looks real to me. Didn't expect next months release to leak this early though! nice find. Not sure I like the model itself however but each to their own right?

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    It's a Lord of Battle!!!!!!!!
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    Wow that is an early leak. Interesting model.

    I'd say that is a 40k version of the old Lord of Battles from Epic:

    or it could be a Deathdealer I suppose:

    It kinda combines elements from both designs.
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    pew pew pew!
    awesome to see apocalypse coming back, wonder what other model goodies there will be. given the giant walker trend and epic inspiration going round, maybe we will see some knight titans
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    Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.....

    1..... Scarlett Johansson dressed in latex SEXY!
    2..... Payrise and my bonus end of next month....

    Say goodbye to all my monies!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    1..... Scarlett Johansson dressed in latex
    damn you, I thought where?! why haven't I seen this? ohh, I see.
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    Is it based on the GW Baneblade chasis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukas The Trickster View Post
    Is it based on the GW Baneblade chasis?
    It is a similar chassis but it's not the Baneblade one exactly. The tracks look a bit wider and the whole thing slopes down towards the rear of the vehicle.
    Either there is life in the universe more intelligent than us, or we are the most intelligent form of life in the universe. Either way, it's a worrying thought!

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    Just found this beast. O.o

    Click image for larger version. 

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