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    Default 1000pt IG for Veteran Tournament at my FLGS

    We are having a 1000pt Veterans Tournament at my FLGS and I am considering running an IG list.

    HQ - CCS w/ ML and Astropath 95pt

    Troop - Vet squad with 3 meltaguns and 9 shotguns 100pt
    Troop - Vet squad with 3 meltaguns and 9 shotguns 100pt

    Elite - Marbo 65pt

    Fast - Vendetta 130pt
    Fast - Vendetta 130pt

    Heavy - Medusa 135pt
    Heavy - Medusa 135pt

    Fortification - Bastion w/ Icarus LC 110pt

    The CCS starts in the Bastion and holds up other flyers with the Astropath while shooting the ML and ILC at targets of opportunity, since the CC and squad all have the same BS he can give orders to both the ML and ILC. The veterans ride inside the Vendettas, the Medusas start on either side of the Bastion and rain down templates while Marbo will come in on the backside of my opponents deployment to throw his template and hopefully tie up a unit before dying. I am looking for the meanest 1000pt list so any suggestions will definitely be taken under advisement. I have a HUGE IG army so I can switch out pretty much any thing in this list.

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    Just so you know... if you keep the CCS on the top floor (battlements) of the Bastion, anyone can enter the building. Which isn't a terrible thing in and of itself, but they do become vulnerable. Plus, you are definitely better off with a Quad-Gun. S7 Heavy 4>S9 Heavy 1 any day. Especially since flyers are almost entirely AV 11 or 12, the four shots, even at S7, are superior. And the range might seem like a problem, but most of the time you'll be within 48" of your opponents' flyers. Guess you'll have to find points somewhere else or otherwise... might be better off just taking an Aegis Defense Line with Quad-gun, as you can use the rest of the line to give your tanks cover. The rules state that you need to connect each piece of the Line with another, so you can group them up in pairs of two and obscure LOS to your tanks.
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    I agree with Falcon, the aegis line could be better, as it will give your vehicles a guaranteed cover save as you can deploy behind it. I think your list will struggle against a true horde army, but against any vehicle list you should do just fine with the amount of ap1 and 2 weaponry.

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    When I play 2000 points two Vendettas are overkill in my experience, so I'd drop one.

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