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    Quote Originally Posted by Learn2Eel View Post
    In reality, I think Tau need an update more than anyone else. But I really can't wait for the new Chaos Daemons and Eldar codices. On Eldar, given how fantastic Dark Eldar were when they came out, we should be looking at having a great Eldar codex for several years - releasing them early into 6th is a great idea. Hopefully we can still do Wraithstars in the new codex! Also hoping the White Dwarf rules for Flamers and Screamers stay the same in the new codex.
    eh tau probably get the biggest boost from the new rules. they need a new book and mini's but honestly between say FW and regular GW I'd say they aren't as bad off as say Tyranids, sure nids are newer but they have some chronic problems and still don't have a good chunk of their models available.

    though I offer no argument on eldar, they need a new book for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azrael71 View Post
    I am a DA player and i am pissed at GW, WoC could have waited till next year. Why realease DV boxset and not have the codex for DA come out this month Gw need to be consistent and not deciding what underwear to wiear this month.

    As for the Codexes i think Tau should be 2014, Eldar should be next year as for cruddace i like the way some of the codexes came out like TK as for ward hope he levels the codexes out instead. I believe the SoB, should come out earlier than other codexes as they need an upgrade to be competitive.

    thats my rant for now!!!


    Why release the IoB Box set and not have a new HE codex yet, 2 years later? It isn't fair!!!11!

    Tau have a far older codex than Eldar, with a number of wargear elements that simply don't do anything anymore, and gaping holes in the fliers, psykers, and close combat elements of the game. They also have a grand total of 5 unique plastic kits (Fire Warriors, Crisis suits, Kroot, Devilfish chassis, Piranha) in their range, which gives more room to expand kitwise than Eldar, who have more bases covered and many potential kits would be just rehashes of existing models.

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    Yep as much as I'm looking forward to a new eldar codex I'd rather Tau get one first. They don't seem to be too bad in 6th but their range is decidedly dated.
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    I dunno, Krootoxen are pretty brutal.
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    I was talking to a customer service representative from GW two days ago about a problem with a finecast i bought and we happened to get on the topic of custom orders and how GW does not do them... well after that he mentioned that before christmas there were going to be a few new models released! So i dont know if this guy was just blowing his horn or wat but i hope he wasnt just bs'ing me. So i think you might be correct in saying there is probably going to be a couple terrain pieces as well as a few models for the holiday season.

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