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    Default New Rumoured Release Plans - AKA Sucks to be a DA player

    via Stickmonkey on Warseer
    Just going to leave this here as the DA thread is closed now.

    Looks like my sourcing is again off on timelines. So I'm putting in an update on it here, lots of things have changed to me since my last timeline thread. (I want to repeat, these are rumors, almost none of this really "changes" per se, GW's got their plan, I don't, I get information that aligns from a few sources and try to base what I tell you on that)

    Was correct on WoC for Nov, as that's in the bag now, moving on to Dec.

    No DA. Boo. Hiss. Eating crow again. Looks like what we can expect for Dec is a lot of Hobbit as expected, and I believe a little surprise is still in store.
    There is an outside possibility of 2 terrain pieces and 3 flyers, but I'm really expecting these now to be in a spring wave.

    Daemons. Still on track. Vetock doing WFB and 40k books, but I havent had confirmation that the books are actually coming in Jan. Expect Greater Daemons in plastic, a couple new chariots, a new daemon engine, and a couple new characters (well...characters which have never received models) Word is the Daemons update will not be a huge overhaul to the current book. Expect few new units. But the new GD models are phenomenal, love every one of them, especially the new GUO. None of the new units are single system, everything is in both 40k and WFB now.

    Hobbit/LOTR are the biggest contendors right now.
    Might be a splash month for 40k in the form of that missing flyers wave. Still trying to get more info on when it might see light of day.

    Rumors point to WoC Army book. But with all the new models coming in Nov, I'm not sure what is left to release with it.

    New rumored slot for DA now. Yes, I'm sorry, rumoring sucks, you get told a lot and its very difficult to sort out what is fit to pass on and what is not.
    However, I am being told some of those rumored generic SM kits may get released along side the DA codex and DA specific models. So thats something promising.

    WFB model wave and army book. High Elves I'm being told.

    Nothing hard, rumors range from the flyer wave to Tau to new fortifications to the 40k supplement book (allies?)
    Lead contendor is the Flyers if they dont get an earlier slot.

    Most likely slot for this rummored 40k supplement book.

    Beyond that:
    Tau and Eldar are the only codexes with some weight behind it to come late in the year I expect Tau following DA, and right now it does look like Eldar will follow Tau.

    I should also add the 2nd Horus Heresy book from FW is being rumored to me to be late Spring/Early Summer.

    Pretty sure we have Vetock doing CD, Ward on DA, Cruddace on Tau, Kelly on Eldar. FWIW

    the digital release schedule I had was incorrect, I said it elsewhere way back in August. I was going off what I was told which was that WFB was not going to get any digital releases this year. A lot of work is going into these, more than just copying an existing codex into a PDF. A lot of it is done, and waiting on some new digital assets. There is a digital rulebook that I was told was to be released a week before the HB, then with the HB, then with the SB, and nothing has happened on that front...maddenly frustrating sometimes.

    The ork wave is still out there, I still expect it in 2013, but I haven't had any new updates.
    So No DA until mid next year, Tau later in the year and no Eldar till 2014 likely. Crap.

    Also - Cruddance on Tau makes me sad face. The only ray of sunshine I can find is that Kelly is probably doing Eldar. Happy face
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