As the topic title suggests I am selling off my painted models because I need the money (and I can always paint more right? )
So far I have 5 up on ebay:

hmm apparently I am not allowed to use html to provide links and/or images, so I'll just type them out and you can copy / paste to browser 58c70"]Broodlord Pro / well painted space hulk tyranid genestealer warhammer 40k 40000 | eBay 54de6"]Wulfrik pro painted warriors of chaos warhammer fantasy battle games workshop | eBay 56a1c"]Fimir Pro / well painted Heroquest warhammer fantasy battle warriors chaos oop | eBay 59cc0"]Nurgle Lord Pro / well painted warriors of chaos warhammer fantasy battle | eBay 57c5d"]Deathmaster Snikch pro / well painted Skaven assasin metal model | eBay

Had trouble pricing them because whilst I don't want the prices to be too high, I need to consider the time that went into them and what I will actually get after ebay and paypall take their cuts - as is I will be effectivley earning less than minimum wage...

I will be putting all my painted models up for sale, some more are available to view (but not yet for sale):"]CoolMiniOrNot - Browse Gallery, Page 1

lots of nids (including custom doom and shrikes), some chaos hounds and a carnosaur.
Feel free to pm me an offer on any of those not up on ebay.
I will be rolling out more of them as I get the time to take photos and upload/write listings
The reason for these sales is I was made redundant a while back and have been unable to find a job since - despite being more than qualified and with 5 years experience in the field I am applying in :/
If my stuff sells for a reasonable amount I might even go pro painter^^