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    Default [Cash] Sisters of Battle, Space Marines (painted), Imperial Guard, +more+ [USA][eBay]

    Hi everyone!

    I have a ton up on eBay and more to come!

    I'll also do direct Paypal sales if the item hasn't been bid on yet, and I'll give a better deal to direct forum buyers via Paypal (you're still protected).

    Some painted, some unpainted, all great prices and great deals, I usually give quite a break on all my items, and pack everyting VERY well and carefully. I can put many items into one package too to save on shipping and can then upgrade you to priority if it isn't already, etc, so just ask!


    Going SOON as in within a day, Sisters of Battles (already going to be sold, current bid at $601), and the auction for the pro-painted space marines, they will be buy it now if they don't sell for more, so bid now at least 450 if ya want em!

    Some armies, some models, some in between, check it out!

    Up soon: Necron, Dark Angels, and MORE, maybe some Dark Eldar?
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