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    Default 6th Edition Starter box details!


    60010199006 40-15-60 Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) - Special Edition 49 Fig Box, Rulepack, Dice, Measures, Templates 1-Sep-12 $107.00 USD $128.00 CAD

    60010199007 40-01-60 Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance (English) 48 Fig Box, Rulepack, Dice, Measures, Templates 8-Sep-12 $99.00 USD $119.00 CAD

    [URL=""]See here![/URL]

    Quote Originally Posted by Beasts Of War
    Chaos Cultists are in!
    That’s right all you Chaos players… I refused point blank to believe that GW would ever release Chaos Cultist, but they have. The Dark Vengeance boxed set (did I not mention the name previously?) will have 2 units of 10 Chaos Cultist models, one armed with auto-guns (with a shotgun & CC weapon for the leader and a Heavy Stubber support trooper) and one with auto-pistol & CC weapon (with 2 CC weapons for the leader and a Flamer support model).
    The Chaos Cultist look like everything you’ve ever wanted for Chaos. They’re bound in rags, with metal half-masks and weapons that suit the cobbled-together, improvised look that you expect from the dregs of Chaos.
    But that’s not all for those naughty Chaos worshippers; they’re getting a unit of 6 Chosen…elite Chaos Space Marines, armed with a variety of Power Weapons (a Maul on the Sergeant, a Power Fist, a Chain Axe and a set of Lightning Claws by the look of things). The remaining Chosen are armed with Boltguns, but this bodes well for the potential that these exemplars of Chaos might get some more customisable options in the upcoming new Chaos Marines codex.
    To lead your forces, you have the obligatory Chaos Lord, armed with a Power Sword & Plasma Pistol. His pose is a bit static, but that is only in comparison to the much more animated Chosen.
    Lastly… what would Chaos be without something big and menacing to bring to the table? Well… how about a brand new model… the Hellbrute!
    The massive Hellbrute model comes equipped with a Multi-Melta & Power Fist. Suggesting that this isn’t a Dreadnought replacement, but is in fact a huge suit of specialist armour crewed by a Chaos Marine (or more likely a Champion). Actually, the model resembles a huge suit of Terminator Armour with lots of cool Chaos gribbly bits… I’m hoping for a Monstrous Creature that acts like the Dreadknight… what about all you Chaos fans? What would you like it to be?

    But what about the Dark Angels?
    They haven’t been left wanting and with a new codex (no doubt in their future) there is quite a bit to have a look at.
    Firstly, they wouldn’t be Space Marines without the obligatory 10 man Tactical Squad. However, the Dark Angel Tactical-Squad has a twist… it’s got Plasma!
    The ordinary Space Marine grunts come sporting a Boltgun, but the squad also has a Plasma Gunner and a Heavy Plasma Cannon model giving support… and just to round out the theme… a Plasma Pistol/Chainsword Sergeant.
    Looks like that squad will be getting hot!
    The Tactical Squad also has a mixture of poses, this time around. Some of the Bolter-totting Marines are holding their ubiquitous weapon at jaunty angles to make the squad look a bit more animated… and it works too… good job GW!
    The Marine side wouldn’t be Space Marines without a smattering of Terminators… so you get a squad of 5 of them. It’s a pretty standard squad, with Stormbolter/Power Fist, with a Power Sword Sergeant. However, you do get an Assault Cannon and Chainfist option… and true to previous form… the models now come in a variety of more dynamic poses with the squad sergeant even sporting Wings but thankfully no nipple armour!
    The last squad in the box is a unit of 3 Space Marine (or Ravenwing) Bikers, with Sergeant and one Biker sporting Bolt Pistol/Chainsword and the third Biker packing a Plasma Gun. The models look similar to previous Ravenwing Bikers (with that big wing banner on the back) and are probably the least inspiring out of the box.
    But let’s not end on a low… let’s talk about the Dark Angel Triple Whammy… 3 Heroes!
    The box will contain a Dark Angels Company Master (Balthasar)… resplendent with his erect Power Sword!
    A Dark Angels Librarian… with a slightly less impressive looking Force Sword… and a limited edition Interrogator Chaplain, who’s Power Armour (including smoking exhaust details) and embellished robe might be the most ostentatious model in the box!
    That’s all the models in the box… but what about the Rulebook?
    I know many of you have been planning to buy the box (price TBC) in order to get your hands on the smaller rulebook. So rest easy… there will be one in the box.
    There will also be templates and a new How to Play Dark Vengeance booklet, that allows you to jump right into the action.
    New details added Via Faeit 212

    via an Anonymous Source (waiting on an OK for source's name)
    A guy on the Apoc40k Facebook group just posted a link to a youtube vid that was 38 seconds of new DA art with the date 8-25-12 at the end. He was able to watch it once, but then someone locked the video out. My guess is that it's Friday's teaser video for the GW blog page

    New details added Via Faeit 212

    via Ravengardt here on Faeit 212
    this time I got something for you.
    and the where briefed. On two things. Yeah you guessed. 25.08. will be preorder date for the starter box. There will be a limited version with an Interrogator Chaplain. 08.09. will be the release date of CSM Codex.
    New pictures added
    Quote Originally Posted by DrLove42 View Post
    New pictures in post

    Credit to Warseer for the original links:

    "Sadly no, no mention of any new codices. However, they are only showing partially what they are releasing each month so the codexes might not be far behind."

    ah biggie!

    "The starter set will contain:
    1 Dark Angels Company Master 1 Dark Angels Librarian 5 Deathwing Terminators 10 Dark Angel Tactical Marines 3 Ravenwing Bikes 1 Interrogator-Chaplain(only white supplies last of Dark Vengeance Box Set)
    1 Chaos Lord 6 Chosen 1 Helbrute 20 Chaos Cultists
    48p How To Play Booklet 1 Reference Sheet 168p Rulebook 1 Flamer Template 1 Small Blast Marker 1 Large Blast Marker 1 Dice Pack 2 Range Rulers
    It will cost 65 pounds and be available 1 september."

    Those worrying it wouldnt include a mini-rulebook can relax (allthough id of thought it went without saying?), I'm guessing the 48p how to play booklet has the rules and stats for the DA and chaos miniatures included. I wonder if there will be any fluff on the battle it's centred around tghough?

    "The Interrogator Chaplain is a strictly limited edition model exclusive to the Dark Vengeance Boxed game. However, this miniature will only be included while stocks last, so be sure not to miss out!"

    so it sounds like there arent multiple version sof the starter set, just that a limited amount have the chaplain? guess it's a way to get people to buy it ASAP. It'll work on me at least.
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    All sounds pretty good. shouldn't have to wait too long for this to all pan out and see if it's true.
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    I know man... It all sounds very tasty.

    Take with salt, but not too much. I don't want Mystery OD'ing again.
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    Mmmm pretty,

    Though is a "Heavy Plasma Cannon" a cross between a Heavy Plasma and a Plasma Cannon. Oh no edition confusions
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    I maybe it's something DA exclusive, or someone doesn't know how to read. Either way.
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    All sounds pretty good. But its pretty clear that DA are the focus of this box, cos they seem to outnumber chaos about a billion points to 1.

    Buying it just for the rule book, might keep the nice models.

    Hell Brute does sound like an evil Dreadknight though

    It says the Chaplain is a "limited". Does that haev anything to do with the limited starter box?
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    Quite a lot of want there. Hope this all comes through, but my soton-sense is tingling and telling me not to believe it. Not sure why...
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    I, for one, welcome our Evil Dreadknight Overlords.

    Who are now being named EDO's.
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    I suspect that GW will either sell the limited model in a seperate special box with a different price or all first run boxes will have the model. Once they've all been shipped then the model disappears. Only got 17 days to find out if the above is 100% true.

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    *plays dramatic suspense music*
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