Newsflash! Hot off the wire! Black Library info!

At Salute 2012 yesterday I got to spend some time chatting with Christian Dunn and Graham Mcneil about some upcoming black library stuff. If people already now this stuff then sorry for the false excitement.

Spolier alerts are in effect.

First up, Iron Hands stuff. These guys are my favourite so they were the focus of my questioning.

After the death of Ferrus ManusÖ.. some Iron Hands turn renegade! Boom! Acoording to Christian Dunn, they start to think that if Ferrus was so easily manipulated and taken out then their faith in him was misplaced and they start to look to Horus as a symbol of strength and leadership.
Chaos Iron Hands = awesome.

I said that the story of how the Iron Hands deal with the death of their Primarch would be a great story. Boom! Mr Dunn told me not to worry. The story goes that the Legion becomes fractured and there are disparate groups of Iron Hands roaming the galaxy carrying out hit and run attacks on the traitor forces taking their revenge and kicking ***.
Now, here is where it gets interesting. It turns out there was an Iron Hand on Terra at the time of the Isstvan attack. He implied he was one of the crusader host from ĎThe Outcast Deadí. Rogal Dorn gives this guy a mission. To go out into the galaxy and gather up the many elements of his Legion and bring them back to Terra to bolster the defences. However, when he meets his brothers he thinks maybe they are doing a more useful job out in space kicking traitor ***. Boom!

Then I asked about Ferrus Manusí head. Weird question I know but Iím thinking if he has a bit of necron in him then maybe he isnít really dead. He smiled at me and said they do have some plans for the head of Ferrus Manus! Boom! They are definitely not bringing him back but the head is gonna pop up again.

There is an upcoming audio drama. It is the story of the very first meeting between Maclador and the Emperor. Boom! Iím looking forward to some more Emperor action.

I asked Graham Mcneil about his upcoming stuff and he was very excited about what he was writing now, angel Exterminatus. It is a story with both the Emperors Children and the Iron Warriors. He said it started out as a story about the Emperors Children with an appearance from the Iron Warriors. But he was having such a good time writing about Perturabo that they have ended up taking over. He spoke about Perturabo at some length and how much of a craftsman he is and an artist but how he and his Legion get the dirty jobs of garrisoning worlds and donít get the glory of the other Legions. This creates such a great bitterness in him that after the events on his home planet he has no real choice but to side with Horus. Graham McNeil was very excited about this story and if he can get that on to the page they we are in for a belter of a book.

Lastly I asked why there are no Wolves on Fenris? Mr McNeil smiled. I asked if they were, mutated Fenrisians, mutated Space Wolves or manifestations of the warp. He wouldnít say. He just said that he and Dan Abnett have discussed it and the issue will be brought up again but I get the feeling it will never be definitively answered and we will always be left wondering.