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    Thanks. It's nice to have some finished models on the board; I've started on a terminator squad, commander, librarian and chaplain but it'll be a while before they get any more serious attention as I have a unit of 50 goblins on the agenda next (for my 9th age army).

    Started another game yesterday (the smaller All Out Assault ) - a awesome beginning with a lot of carnage! Only managed one full turn a second marine exploration phase. Turned up the synapse secondary objective (again) a duct and 2 passages first; lost all my nids to his 3 squads of marines headed up by a commander, but managed to take down 7 (including 2 heavy bolters) and get a fate point from the commander. Not all bad - Tyranids were awesome! Next cards are energy cortex (primary objective ), duct and blocked passage - gulp! Might have to let this one go and regroup...

    One thing that did cause debate, which hopefully you have an opinion on, was moving through portals. There are some portals where it appears you don't have to move onto the portal square to pass through but we couldn't agree. So for example, if you hold board section 2 with the purple room top left, can you move / see diagonally through the two portals at the bottom? The bottom left one seems that this should be fine but the bottom right perhaps not.
    I originally argue that both are fine because portals are not fixed and move in/out continuously, you can move from a portal square to any adjacent one, and squares contains portals are considered empty. Now I wonder if you must always move on to the portal to pass / LOS is only more straight down the portal (not diagonal ) in these situations or if in fact they are different.

    P.s. There is a link to a company that will print board sections toward the end of the revamp thread!

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok, so I think I understood the question, and I hope this helps clarify how we do it here.

    In the above diagram, the Yellow markers indicate where LOS and movement are possible, as the Portal, considered to be an clear square, is no obstruction (other than the normal rules for shooting through Portals).

    The Red markers indicate where LOS and movement are not possible, because this is not a portal square (the red X), it is part of the wall structure and therefore is not considered a clear square. This wall structure can not 'retract' as the Portals are described to do in their own square, thus it is not possible to move or shoot from there, to where the red O is.

    I can see where the confusion can come from though, on this and maybe a couple other spots.

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    Hi great thanks for this. Looking through the board sections if I'm going to block actions for one I might do it for all to save confusion - the one you would allow appears to be the most clear for yes all others would be controversial.

    Review of the rules: movement says
    'You can move a model into any adjacent empty square,including moving diagonally, sideways or backwards'
    'A few squares have a small amount of wall breaking into them – these can be entered.'
    Which would imply that both situations are ok as far as moving goes.

    However on reflection it is probably not what is meant - for portal square movement it says:
    'Squares containing portals are treated as empty squares for movement - you can enter one from any adjacent square and can move from one to any adjacent empty square.'
    - why would you think to say this given the 1st 2 quotes if you didn't need to be on the portal square to pass through?

    For firing through portals it says:
    'A line of sight through a portal square isn't blocked even if it crosses the end of the walls in that square'
    Suggesting that pieces of wall outside of the square do block LOS. All 'portal' is contained within a single square as defined in the diagram, therefore any outside of this, however small, that crosses the square's corner will block diagonal centre to centre LOS.

    I will probably say - models must move onto the portal square to pass through
    and LOS is blocked by walls / features not in the portal square (will block LOS through any corners of portal squares).
    This seems to be what the rules mean to say... plus should save discussions.

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    Sorry - a couple more rules clarifications that I hope you won't mind advising on...
    1) Can you react to a grenade before it explodes? It seems like this is the intent but I can't see it saying that anywhere. Plus just to check I've got it right if you see the model throw the grenade you react normally if you only see the grenade you can only dive out of the way?
    2) can the grabber slasher do its jump in close combat attack as a reaction if it is not in overwatch?

    Thanks in advance

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    So I took out the Portals in this picture (or rather filled them with normal squares), and I think there may be a case for blocked LOS from both of the Portal squares in discussion. As previously believed, the top right portal is truly blocked, and without the portal on the bottom, it more clearly is also blocked by wall (without trying to imagine how much a Portal contracts).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	no portal.jpg 
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    In the case of grenades, I refer to the Reactions page 35. The 3d paragraph top right below the title states that because a thrown grenade is slower than weapon fire, enemy models with LOS to any part of the grenade's flight path get chance to react before the grenade explodes - the attacker rolls to hit- (consider this a sort of "pre-reaction", during which only models which are not Unmaneuverable may attempt the reaction of Diving Prone which is the only choice during this phase.) I don't recommend diving prone unless it's the end of the enemy turn and they aren't going to follow up with simply walking up and shooting you on the ground.

    After the grenade roll to hit, you will immediately fall back to the 'When a Model Can React' chart, i.e. conditions 1-5 (so yes, any model which had LOS to the grenade thrower, or that was attacked itself, or was within 6 squares of a friendly that was attacked, etc...), so potentially there could be a whole lot of reaction to that grenade.

    Grabber-Slashers, according to the manual, has only one mode of offense attack, the special 'Leap Attack', in which during its turn it moves up to one square and launches up to 6 squares rolling 1D for its attack die. Defensively they were allowed 1D+4 if attacked in close combat, but otherwise had no ability to threaten the enemy during the enemy's turn (because the special action required a Ready Weapon Action and Reactions allow only Snap Fire, and neither could the G-S initiate a basic close combat).
    Considering again that a basic Scout rolled 2D+2, I wanted to beef-up the G-S or there would be no reason to invest in this model for a game (when the same 40pts gets you two purestrain genestealers).
    So, in my house, the G-S has the ability to do its special 'Leap Attack' as a reaction. Being on Overwatch simply means that you automatically pass the reaction roll, and thus may take any of the Reaction choices (which for my G-S includes, stepping forward, turning to face, special attack, diving prone, but still keeping to the original no initiating normal close combat rule).
    Since the rulebook also encourages rule experimentation and adaptation, you might even have a G-S that has evolved the ability to actually initiate normal close combat, or to leap 8 squares (which is what my Alpha G-S is going to be able to do, plus more when I get it painted and playable). Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170609_152032.jpg 
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ID:	19806Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for that. I was sure I'd read the grenade stuff somewhere but kept skimming over it. GS rules sounds sensible I will use them too.

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