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    printable game bits!


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    Cool thanks for posting that info!

    Part of what I have done also is bought a cheap $20 3M laminator and a few packs of generic brand lam sheets to make handy flip books for both my ASC and SH games.

    For ASC, I started with nice color prints into medium weight stock 8 1/2" x 11" of the Universal Head game aid for ASC [URL=""][/URL]

    Then I scanned and printed in b&w some select pages from the game manual, such as weapons descriptions and relevant parts for each player (one book for Marines, one for 'nids). Then I added in my own color unit pages for the units I had that, and adapted rules from the early 'nid codexes pretty much straight. Lastly I added in some of the old b&w catalog ads for the models I use.

    Every page laminated and put together with a simple 2 ring loose binder.

    Here are the unit and catalog pages:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Squigs.jpg 
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Name:	c92399tyrwarriors-01.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Gargoyle.jpg 
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Name:	Biovore.jpg 
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Name:	Gargoyle Biovore.jpg 
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Name:	Screamer Killer.jpg 
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Name:	c92398tyrscreamer-01.jpg 
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Name:	Lictor.jpg 
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Name:	Lictor.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hive Tyrant.jpg 
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Name:	Tyrant Guard.jpg 
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Name:	Hive Tyrant.jpg 
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Name:	Termagaunt.jpg 
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Name:	Tyr Hormagaunt.jpg 
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Name:	c2105genestealerzoats.jpg 
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Name:	c2103genestealers.jpg 
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Name:	c2102genestealers.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chaos Dreadnaughts.jpg 
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ID:	19770

    Another rule tweak: Close Combat from the side. If you check the game manual, the only penalty of getting attacked from the side is being limited to 2 die max. The issue here is there are only 2 creatures out of the whole force list between both sides that even use 3D, that this would affect: Tyranid with bonesword, and Genestealer. It didn't make sense that no other model would even notice getting attacked from the side. So, we have adapted a +1 to the die roll from side attacks (manual says rear attacks are +2). This provides some reward for flanking, even if it isn't a rear strike.
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    Here are the prints I use for Marines:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	4104spacemarines-02.jpg 
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Name:	c2006smcommanders.jpg 
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Name:	c2016smterminators.jpg 
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Name:	c2018smgreyknightterminator.jpg 
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Name:	c2024smdreadnoughts-01.jpg 
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Name:	TradeCatWinter1990Pg30-01.jpg 
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Name:	Marine Dreadnaughts.jpg 
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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Chaos Dreadnaughts.jpg 
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ID:	19769  

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    Just an update to show you what I meant by my laminated flip books. They're handy, and I can conserve the original manual. The home laminator made it a snap, plus notice the loose ring binding -ez with a 3 hole puncher. I did the same thing for my Space Hulk set, one for Marine player with all relevant pics and force lists, and one for 'Stealers the same.

    The lam'd pages are also great for dry erase, as you can see on the one page where the scout squads marked A, B.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170611_151707.jpg 
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Name:	20170611_151812.jpg 
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    Awesome. That's great - i may well expand my tyranids with this after a few goes with the standard list. Definitely going to be using my work's laminator! A dry erase flip book will be very convenient. I keep my original rules protected in a folder and use a printed version and quick ref pages as the book I had in the 90 got absolutely trashed.
    Can't wait to play now but got to wait for at least one week, perhaps two

    Was looking at your other links and the imperial guard one didn't seem to work?

    - - - Updated - - -

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    I've refreshed the IG rule in the original post, also here:


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    Hi so I said I'd let you know how my latest game went... was great fun but no a success for my tyranids! I didn't manage to take any pics this time but another game planned for next weekend and I'll try and get some of that.

    This time a series of unlucky roles and card placings led to my opponent only loosing 3 marines in the end! We played the second smallest campaign. First cards up were the hive mind synapse and a duct - not a good start. He took the synapse using a scout squad and terminators. I lost a chaos marine squad, tyranid with bone swords a zoat and 2 grabber slashers to a couple of terminators and a scout Sargent from him. My missile launcher marine rolled a 1 for his first shot and promptly died after that. Then stranger - he got a squat, trap - avoided by his scout, then the dermal sphincter - no passages blocked passages etc. So not much chance for my reserves to wake up although I did get a couple of blips. Dermal sphincter was pretty undefended against a devastator squad and terminators although I took down another terminator and 2 from the dev squad. So he replenished the terminators using via the dermal sphincter. I've not got many blips at this point and so load up the ambush boxes and hope but the next card is an undefended primary objective (can't remember which) so it's game over as he reaches 50 points.

    All a bit unlucky with the cards for me - I could have done with some more reinforcements and an ambush or two. Shouldn't have left the primary objective undefended really either. Great fun though.
    I wonder have you made any other house rules for the marines or standard tyranids? I was wondering whether to limit the number of meltabombs... Perhaps I'm just being rubbish but the nid seem a bit more of a challenge than the marines.

    Also, I found this pretty cool revamp of the game someone did last year
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    Just finished paiting my first scout squad

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CM170626-22584003.jpg 
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    Congrats on your ASC progress.

    As to the game report - Sounds like the cards were indeed on the fast track to let the marines discover their objectives. Yes, investing in Ambush as 'nids is a reasonable strategy in the beginning of any game, since there are multiple Ambush cards which could potentially be drawn by the Marine player. But, it's as you've learned it's also important to keep your eye on the ball with protecting the objectives as a priority, and investing in Ambush when you can spare the troops.

    Since in Ambush 'Nids can place 3 blips, if those blips are squads of chaos, orks, or such then whatever Marine unit is in Recon is going to be vastly outnumbered (potentially 3:1). Remember to guard tile 1, as that's where the Marines have to go through to escape. Since a scout squad is limited to the 5 models, there will be at least one guaranteed entry point that they will be unable to guard, out of the 6 possible (of tiles 1,3,4,5 which connect to tile 2 in the Ambush setup). Since Marines place first in section 2, the 'Nids can choose any of the others and exploit this weakness (do a quick practice set up and see what i mean if it helps).

    Rolls - yep. Can't do anything about bad rolls, it's all part of the story and out of a large number of games you will see some very interesting scenarios take place no doubt. I've seen big men fall quickly, and small men do extraordinary things, on occasion. Sometimes the Hive Ship wakes up like it's on fire, sometimes the 'nids sleep in like they partied hard Saturday night. Ya never can tell.
    When I make my Reaction rolls, I put it that the Marines are either keeping their cool or freaking out; my Nids are either hungry or not so much. It gives every model and roll some character.

    Yeah, dermal sphincter is one the 'nid player would rather see earlier than later, when the Marines have some forces to recover. If it's captured early, it's just 10 VP. Othewise, it's like fighting a whole new force which can spell the end of that Tyranid ship.

    Melta bombs - I don't think I've seen them used but rarely, because they are so difficult to use! A Marine has to be adjacent to his target when planting the bomb (which has to be an Un-maneuverable model), take a Ready Weapon Action (which allows 1 square of movement in attempt to get adjacent, and 'nids who have LOS can react to this step by shooting, initiating close combat, or even potentially diving prone if they are not Un-maneuverable. In fact, since the marine can only place the melta-bomb in his front 3 squares a 'nid could potentially React and simply Move Forward 1 Square, out of the range (since the Marine player will have had to declare his movement facing during the step, theres no risk of the marine now turning because they already committed to the facing, and doesn't have another movement point to turn). Thus, the marine would be forced to abort the attack and end the model's action, or place the bomb in an empty square, and it has no Area effect. In fact, the best thing they're used for is destroying the actual Living Organ objectives, if the marines can get close enough, which usually means they've won the Encounter anyways.
    Now, if it's Melta Missile, that's just something the 'nids have to deal with also by quickly targeting and killing the Marine armed with the missile launcher. Fair game either way.

    Remember, Marines lose 1 VP for each marine killed if the entire squad was wiped out. A smart marine player will cycle out a squad thats down to 1 or 2 survivors and not include them in any major battles if they could get lost, unless absolutely necessary. This is why if they do draw Ambush, its important to wipe out the squad completely with no survivors, or make priority targets of these survivors in future battles if they are present.

    Other house rules - Well I've posted what I've gotten to so far. With this new batch of 'nids I picked up (see latest happenings thread) I have more options, and when i get the time and energy to adapt and playtest (and paint) any of the newer stuff I'll be sure to post it also. I'm sure at some point, I can integrate most of it.

    Thanks for the link to that revamp. Some interesting looking tiles, but actually getting them produced is going to be some work. I'd rather just try to grab a tileset off ebay if I can find it by itself, or in a mostly stripped game. Once you have a copy of the other things, the board tiles become the item that you want multiple sets of.

    Very cool scout squad!
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