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    Default [H]Nids, Eldar,OOP SM & Legos[W]Warmachine[USA]

    I prefer trades & not really interested in selling as I can do that on other websites. So take a look at what I have & if you have something I'm interested in send me a PM. I can provide pics on request & will check in daily. All models listed are unpainted unless otherwise stated.

    Space Hulk Genesteelers x20
    Classic OOP Genesteeler Patriarch (primed white)
    Classic OOP plastic Genesteelers x4

    metal Swooping Hawk Exarch
    metal Warp Spider Exarch
    metal Banshee Exarch x2(different models)
    metal Warlock x2
    Viper Jetbike sprue

    metal Sorcerer
    metal Fabius Bile
    Classic OOP Rogue Trader era Khorne Berserker (primed black) SOLD
    Classic OOP Rogue Trader era Chaos Terminators x6
    Chaos Bikes x3 sprues SOLD

    Space Marines:
    Classic OOP Rogue Trader era minis w/various weapons x14 (some are partly painted) SOLD
    Classic OOP Rogue Trader era plastic RTB01- box full of painted & unpainted bits SOLD
    Classic OOP Rogue Trader era Rhino Tanks x3 (mostly painted) SOLD

    metal Dreadnought w/Assault cannon SOLD
    Land Speeders x2 (both painted) SOLD
    Classic OOP Rogue Trader era Terminators - A LOT! SOLD
    3rd Edition Space Hulk Terminators x3
    2nd Edition Terminators both metal & plastic x23 (10 are painted)
    (I have way too many Terminators & really need to get rid of some)

    Calidus Assassin SOLD
    Witch Hunter Inquisitor SOLD

    Arch Confessor Kirinov
    Vindicare Assassin(needs stripping) SOLD

    FFG's Horus Heresy boardgame (in good shape)
    Axis & Allies Pacific (in good shape)
    Lego Millenium Falcon (missing Han Solo, Chewbaca & Princess Leia)
    Lego Tie Fighter Bomber(missing Pilot)

    Gazkul Thraka
    FW Half-Track
    Battle Wagon
    Wheels & tank treads & exhaust bits

    Magnus the Traitor
    Magnus the Warlord
    Drake McBane
    Durgen MadHammer
    Gorten Grundback
    HorgenHold Forge Guard
    Steelhead Heavy Cavalry
    Steelhead Riflemen
    Hammerfall high Shieldgun Corps
    Ogrun Bokur
    Stanis Brocker

    I also make some pretty nice styrofoam hills for terrain & have several ready to go if your interested...
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