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    Default Eldar Exodite converted army


    Here are some models from my new exodite army that I completed over the Christmas holidays (I have more on the way, including a forge world Carmine dragon). They're a little overly shiny as the winter sun comes in at a lower angle making photos difficult. Either too dark or adding false highlights. One day I will buy a proper lighting setup.

    The exodites are based on an autumn colour scheme in both their armour and the trees that are added to the bases.


    Minimal conversion on the farseer, I swapped out the witchblade for the IoB mage's staff and tipped it with a singing spear blade (so much easier to do that with finecast).

    Also added the mage's cloak with some brass etch leaves inside.


    Aspect warriors are a little tricky for an exodite force, but the army would be a bit bland without them. The fluff for my exodite world has a craftworld damaged by an enemy attack that has been pulled in by the exodite world's gravity and now forms a floating island with the reduced numbers of the craftworld eldar unable to repair it.

    As a result, aspect shrines with a slightly wilder feel to them.

    The dragons (one of the bubbliest finecast boxes I've had so far) are simple conversions adding in corsair cloaks.

    Fire Prism

    I'm not a huge fan of teh stock Chimera kit so I converted it quite extensively. Three/four heads became just one and the wings were switched for IoB griffon wings. The leaping pose was explaind by reversing the rock from the high elf dragon kit to give it something to grab onto. The armour is just smoothed ovals of green stuff. I felt that with no armour at all, they would look too fantasy but full armour would look a little silly.

    the rider is from a viper gunner swapping the weapon for an ebayed fire prism cannon with a high elf prince banner and DE scourge head.

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    Fire Prism 2

    This is one of the first models I thought up for this army, a conversion of thre black dragon kit as a phoenix.

    Lots of green stuff and more griffon/pegasus wings for the feathers. The forearm joints were greenstuffed over and griffon talons replaced the dragon claws. I couldn't comfortably fit on a second gunner for the shuriken cannon (going to be a recurring problem) so a smaller WE warhawk was added. The rest is similar to the other fire prism for cionsistency (just don't ask me about TLOS!)

    This is about the limit of my freehand ability at the moment:

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    Dragon wave serpent, another original concept model and a test of the green stuff armour idea. Not sure about the wing tatoos, might paint over them later.

    Some more freehand attempts, fairly pleased with the tears of Isha.

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    And some necessary troops:


    Simple conversions with gladeguard cloak and shaving down the avenger helmets.


    I was going to avoid cold ones as too obvious but the warlock idea swung it for me. Not remotely practical from a TLOS perspective but looks pretty mean.

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    Love them!
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    There are some people hapy to make normal models and make them look good

    Thens theres folks like you who continue to produce wonderful ideas, and then back them up with great conversions and painting.

    Once more...hat off to you sir!
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    Great work mr Isotope. Fantastic to see something so different, and yet so familiar. Loving it, so hoping to see some more
    Always thinking 2 projects ahead of anything I've yet to finish

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    Inspirational. Truely awesome conversions dude.

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    definitaly one of the coolest looking warlocks i have ever seen. also digging the colour scheme.

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    Keep the wing tattoos! it gives the beast personality.

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