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    Default Warpath Beta--Initial Disconnect

    After taking a few minutes to start browsing the Warpath beta rules, I hit a huge disconnect.

    In unit formations, each model should be no more than 1" away from another model in the unit. The entire unit needs to be within 5" of the unit leader.


    Now I know it's "representational" and apparently Mantic does not use blast templates or the like. But the standard distance between soldiers in the field is (I believe) up to 10m apart. (Given variances for terrain type.) This is to prevent the loss of an entire unit to a mine, or a grenade, etc.

    That would suggest more than 1" to me in game terms. I think Mantic is going to have a hard time getting a sci-fi (or even modern) game working well/making sense with their current cohesion rules and AoE weaponry.

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    Hi scadugenga.
    Many comments on the BETA rules have been the redundancy of the 1" coherancy between models in a unit.
    Simply stating the unit coherancy as X" from the unit leader is ALL that is realy needed in the opinion of many players.

    That and changing the ranged chance to hit from Shooting skill of the attacker to the Stealth value of the target ,(to follow the same mechanic as close assault.)

    Are the TWO main comments for simple changes to improve the rules before final rlease!

    (Other requests are a bit more complicated...)

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