On September 29th at 18:00 the new Punkapocalyptic KS will be released: Masters of the Wasteland.

So far, the miniatures we released were developed for a single faction of Punkapocalyptic. Some of them, for their equipment, could be used for more than one faction, but design, packaging, etc... were designed for that miniature to belong to a specific faction. That's no longer the case in this KS.
All miniatures come with a variety of equipment and heads, so you can assemble them as you like and use them for several factions. Or even use them for other games. Or just have them because they are so cool to paint and collect! But also, most of the options are compatible between different miniatures of this campaign, so the possibilities for customization are endless! Just think, for example, that one of the basic miniatures can be assembled in 64 different ways... Now think about the possibilities if we add the whole lot of them. Having the exact same miniature as you rival is OVER.
With this new miniatures we also wanted to represent a wider array of races and body builds. The area of Scrapbdrige where this game takes place is near the East coast of the United States, so it's just logical that the wastelanders inhabiting the place are from a wide racial and cultural background.
These new miniatures will also be slightly bigger. When we started off with our game Punkapocalyptic, the usual size for wargame miniatures was about 28-30mm. Things have changed a lot since then and miniatures have increased their size, so many people find our minis a bit small. In this campaign we are making them bigger, but not so much that the current range of miniatures will be outdated. We want this Masters of the Wasteland to be just taller people. Which just fits nicely in our original idea of making the wastelanders more varied and diverse (not all the people out there are the same height).

We can wholeheartedly promise that this crowdfunding will be a true crowdfunding. This is not a pre-sale for miniatures we already have in production, or anything like that. All the money will be used to pay for modelling, production, painting… so this miniatures can become a reality. But you can trust us. We have been working on Punkapocalyptic for more than 6 years. During this time we have released really detailed, high-quality miniatures for the five first factions of the game: Gangers, Mutards, Junkers, Black Blood Children, V Reich and Amok. Last year we also run two KS for the Starter Set and a brand new comic book, both also successful.

The goal of this campaign is to fund the first 6 miniatures for the Masters of the Wasteland so you can play with them, and unlock as many extras for them as possible so the band ends up being as complete as possible.
You want to see the models we want to fund, and see them you shall! All those of the basic pack The first miniature to be designed has already been 3D modelled by the GT Studio team in such an awesome way that will get your *** spinning in circles! It's displayed with the different options of gear and heads available.

The rest of the miniatures of this KS are still in concept drawing stage, but GT Studio is more than ready and set to start with the rest of the 3D modelling as soon as this campaign is funded and send them to BigChild Creations for mass casting in high quality resin. So what you seen in this drawings will be exactly what the final miniatures will look like when they reach your hands, as has always been the case. Some of the heads and weapons will be unlocked during the campaign, but as you can see all miniatures have quite a number already included in the basic pack.

But you will also have the fluffy Punk Cat as an exclusive miniature for this Kickstarter.

As usual in our campaigns, you will have the possibility to get minis from our catalogue at a special price, complete factions and the whole catalogue.

But as far as the novelties are concerned, you will be able to acquire the new 6 different miniatures for 65 euros (60 euros Early Bird 48 hours). They include Kickstarter's exclusive Punk cat and the free extras unlocked during the campaign.

The funding amount will be 10,000 euros.

In addition to the extra pieces for the mini as Stretch goals, here you can see a new mini that will reach 12000 euros as a free unlockable.

The maximum expected delivery date is May 2021.

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