I decided that I'd post up pictures of the minis I've paitned for what is probably my favorite space marine chapters- the Salamaners. I have painted a lot of them over the years.

The first is a whole army that I painted over the course of several years for a client.

For this force, we went with a sort of combined interpretation for Salamander skin- they have an African skin tones with the yellow hair that older Salamanders have had, but not the drow skin or eyes that some of them have.

The force was started before the more recent wave of Salamanders, and the fluff on them has gone back and forth (some of the official painters have even done them with light Caucasian skin tones).

Also, on the fire you'll notice that the flames that are painted on to represent artwork are largely done backwards (as hotrod flames often are). I did do the correct lighting on any of the actual flames the minis are displaying, as well as OSL effect for them. This is, in part, to make the real flames look more real and the painted flames to look more painted, since both are needed for the force.

Anyway, here's pictures of the force, all in one place: