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    Default The Great Soap and Water Debate or Stinky Gamers Do They Exist?

    TheGirl posted a thread about gamer hygiene on BoLS. It started quite a bit of dialogue. I was surprised at the reactions. What are you thoughts here on the lounge? Any stinky gamers horror stories?

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    I once hosted a Magic Tournament with a little over 70 participants. That particular store had a gaming room in the back of the store with very high ceilings. The next morning I showed up to open the store. When I opened the door the most foul, odiferous odor I have ever smelled hit me like nine pound hammer. Seriously, I'm glad I hadn't eaten breakfast yet because it would have been a waste of a good meal. I ran up front and opened the store. It being Saturday, I had an employee coming in. When he arrived, I told him to get the mop and bucket and get the back room cleaned up....and use plenty of Pine-Sol. He looked at me kind of funny until he got to the entrance to the back room. He asked me what that smell was. I told him it was gamer funk. The Pine=Sol worked and once again the back room smelled fine. However, I posted this message all over the back room for the Magic players.

    Attention Magic Players
    Bath night has been changed from Saturday night to Thursday night to ensure that we have cleaner air for Fridays. Please adhere to this new schedule and remember soap is your friend.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    There was alot of moaning and groaning but the funk was greatly reduced after the signs went up.

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    Sad but true... At my flgs we have to walk through the magic players to get to our tables in the back. Perhaps we should try "the sign" too.

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    Many hobbyists/gamers/nerds/geeks/whatevers do need to learn hygiene.

    Some people can be rather disgusting.

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    Generally is despends a lot on what you play... I play a lot of different games and from what im told, its generally the younger groups that have this issue. Game groups that play things like ancients don't really have this problem unless there is a gamer with a medical condition (remember our hobby was originally targeted for shutins, until GW came alone and made it mainstream).

    Its not really an issue for me because I have no sense of smell, but that aside I always keep myself clean... odd eh, I can't smell so I actually become more self concious about my own hygiene.

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    conflict scotland..

    anywhere NEAR the sales stands the employess wear gasmasks! ( <- joke but it IS that bad)
    and at the gaming bit well....

    im going to convet a deaderant hellhound and attach AIRWICK all over the movement trays!

    and the culprit is usually 25-45 with a large bag >

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    It is real, and it is horrid. I would say at least half of the gamers I've encountered outside our group (where we made deoderant compulsory to combat it) are at least ripe or worse.
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    You know those little lynx bullet dedorant spray cans, I always carry one of those with me...

    I think it should be compulsary for gaming events, I don't care how good your hygiene is, when your in an enclosed space with lots and lots of active gaming going on for a whole day you will become ripe... so carrying some spray is only good manners.

    For regular gaming nights, when your only there for a handful of hours, then simply being clean should be sufficent...

    Perhaps gaming events/clubs should start selling those little dedorant spray cans

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    For our American members, Lynx is Axe.

    Honestly though, when I was gaming regularly back in VA this wasn't a problem with the gaming group. Then again, the entire group were fairly old in average age... And all pretty well to do individuals. No one really stuck out as a stereotypical "nerd".
    However, when crossing the store in any way that brought you near the card gamers, the stench problem would come to light. I don't understand how any one could live like that... Its rather repulsive.
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    Its the same in Ireland, and from what I've seen england.

    (caution stereotypes ahead)

    In my opinion this comes from three factors.

    One. Many gamers are overweight. Some quite heavily so. This means they will have more difficulty with hygene and are more likely to get sweaty with less excercise. (This may or may not correlate with poor social skills which also can be a factor in hygene awareness, but this is not the right discussion to bring this up)

    Two. gaming shops are very warm. As games can take a long time you get sweaty in the heat, particularly if you fall under the point one above.

    Three. Some gamers have favourite clothes they like to wear. These tend to be quite heavy- leather coats or band hoodies, that don't let your skin breath and cause you to get sweaty. These clothes tend not to get washed very often either.

    Those are my 2 cents on the issue. you can take issue with the stereotypes if you like, Point three may be more of an Irish thing too.
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