I read Kharn: The Red Path.
What a waste of $8.

The book feels random, there's no sense of scope or even perspective between enemies (one minute someone is shooting at Kharn from a far distance, in the very next sentence that same combatant is in hand to hand with Kharn(.
Even the space battles, for what they are, do not feel as complex nor anywhere near as exciting as in other books. Oh, Kharn is also exposed to hard vacuum for about 10cminutes, loses the O2 in his armor, and even tho his unarmored left arm freezes, it's alright a few scenes later.

I get it: runs around half naked most of the time cuz he has more plot armor than the Big E.
At one point in the beginning of the book he fights 2 squads of White Scars by himself and barely gets scratched.

But Kharn is eating battle cannon rounds that are turning the berserkers around him to puree, and he doesn't even get a headache.

The whole premise is thin: Kharn is given visions from Khorne (or just possibly madness from the nails) that he will take a worthy skull. Just wonderful stuff.

The Imperial agencies involved are single-dimensional jokes and suspiciously made up for this story.

Ultimately he faces a worthy opponent, a living saint by the name of lozepath, that is utterly disintegrating badguys with just a state, and killing with blasts of energy from his sword.

Hell, Kharn gets skewered thru the chest with this magic sword of doom, and barely flinches. Not only that, his exposed left arm is hanging by s thread, and it's no big deal.

At no point does it feel like Kharn is ever under a real threat, he's just going thru the motions, and that's what the author was doing, just churning out some fanboy material.

I was hoping, what with the shake-up in 40K, that some heroes (and anti heroes) may meet their end, but, it was nowhere near the case in this book.